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Government contracting

Higher stakes for public-sector sellers

For government contractors, compliance has moved from defense to offense. We are here to help you understand the new rules and craft a winning business strategy.

See more clearly, from first bid to final accounting

Government procurement contracts are financed by taxpayers, putting contractors under the microscope, with rules and scrutiny that are complex and all-encompassing.

In recent years, federal contracting regulations have grown significantly, touching every part of the process — from Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) to labor and employment rules. Audits are increasingly rigorous. Any contractor can be subject to a government investigation with consequences including False Claims Act allegations, nonpayment or debarment.

Are you up to speed?

Are you up to speed on the latest rules imposed on federal contractors? Do you need help with a cost model design? Is your business ensnared in a dispute that could jeopardize your contract? Are you clear on how a restructuring or other transaction might affect your status as a government contractor?

At PwC, we have a deep understanding of the complex laws and regulatory trends that are unique to government contracting — and extensive experience dealing with auditors, regulators and investigators. We are here to help you navigate the risks and opportunities of working with public-sector customers, every step of the way.

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