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Forensic and investigative analytics

Harness the power of cutting-edge analytical solutions to accelerate, processes and deliver reliable outcomes.

Your data world, disrupted

As the volume and diversity of data companies generate, collect and use continues to explode, many are struggling not only to manage their data, but also to realize the benefits they need from it.

This is true both in normal day-to-day business and during adverse events—when timing is critical, and leaders need on-demand access to reliable data, reporting and insights in order to respond and emerge stronger.

The solution is to leverage agile, analytics-enabled solutions that enable efficient processes and deliver reliable outcomes.

How PwC can help

You may be combating fraud, corruption or third-party risk, or looking to streamline complex business processes like compliance monitoring and claims.

Perhaps you are dealing with a high volume of data and are seeking to make a strategic move like a divestiture, or you are in the midst of an investigation or crisis.

Whatever the situation, we understand that each company’s issues are unique. Our proprietary technology platform acts like a system of building blocks: customizing, scaling and taking the shape of your specific issues, market and industry.

Our Forensics team thrives on solving complex problems—and we are ready to help.

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Dan Krittman

Dan Krittman

Principal, PwC US

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Philip Upton

Principal, Cybersecurity, Privacy & Forensics Digital Solutions leader, PwC US

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