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Automated Clearing House Payment Setup

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To streamline and simplify the available payment methods, PwC offers ACH (Automated Clearing House) as a way to quickly pay your PwC invoice. This option is more efficient for you and PwC, and is a more environmentally friendly way for us to do business together.


By changing your PwC preferred payment method to ACH, your organization will realize the following benefits:

  • Cost reduction: Reduce expenses compared to wire and overnight shipment of payments.
  • Faster account recognition of payments to your PwC account: Receiving payments via ACH allows for payments to be received and posted to your account, typically within the next business day.
  • Faster and easier payment processing: Payments can be initiated without ever having to write a check or initiate a costly wire transfer.
  • Easy tracking of payments: Your payment can easily be tracked electronically so you always have a status.
  • Environmentally friendly payment method: no paper checks, no mailing: 100% electronic processing.

Making the change:

Download and complete the electronic trade payments agreement. Then email the signed form to the PwC Financial Services Department using the email address below.

We look forward to including you in the growing group of customers who have selected ACH as their preferred method of payment.

For more information regarding this process please contact our Solutions Center at (877) 351 6402.

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