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Studies, surveys and tools


G&A diagnostic

An easy-to-use tool, the diagnostic calculates reliable and comparable G&A cost benchmarks for US domestic exploration and production (E&P) operations—much-needed benchmarks because comparability of publicly available data on G&A is lacking.

Exploration and production (E&P) logistics - Permian Basin

The study provides Permian-specific information on approaches used for logistics management as well as comparative peer metrics on truck traffic volume, safety and cost. It also offers qualitative insights around leading practices in handling fresh water needs and water disposal; approaches to overall transportation strategy; and maintaining safety, quality and performance standards with contractors and vendors.

Digitizing oil and gas operations

The survey, which targets the upstream oil and gas segment, helps companies understand their adoption of digitization technologies and provides insights around building digital capabilities and organizing for transformation.

Land operations and land administration (US onshore)

The study addresses a number of questions, including:

  • Are we right-sized in our land organization, given our scale and complexity?
  • What operating models appear to work best?
  • How does our approach to where work in Land gets done in our organization compare to the patterns of my peers?

Hydrocarbon accounting

The study compares the cost and headcount of your Hydrocarbon Management processes (production/revenue accounting and joint venture accounting) to those of peers. It also examines which operating models appear to work best, how well Finance is integrated with other functions such as Land and Operations and compares your Hydrocarbon Management maturity to that of peers.

Upstream procurement/supply chain management (US onshore)

The study's purpose is to compare the efficiency and effectiveness of your supply chain management function to those of your US onshore peers. The study addresses several questions:

  • Is our organization right-sized in supply chain?
  • Does our operating model enable or inhibit success in supply chain management?
  • How can we improve the performance and increase the maturity of our supply chain management function?


Future of rail in oil and gas

The study provides:

  • key insights around operating models used for rail transportation management and comparative peer metrics on factors such as rail turns, loading/unloading cycle times and railroad satisfaction
  • peer comparisons of participants' current and target maturity across a host of logistics or transportation dimensions
  • qualitative insights around rail's future in oil and gas, and how companies will use rail as part of an overall transportation strategy.

Commercial energy supply/trading

The purpose of this study is to address these and other important questions:

  • Are your supply and trading back- and middle-offices "right-sized" to support your front office?
  • Does your Commercial operating model (organizational structure, business model, technology, etc.) enable or inhibit your business?


Fixed asset management

The study focuses on the approaches, practices, challenges and solutions associated with the financial side of fixed asset management (including fixed asset and capital project accounting, as well as tax reporting). How can the industry achieve greater profitability and capital efficiency through integrated fixed asset management? And what are the risks associated with poor fixed asset management?

Capital efficiency scorecard

This is a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand assessment of company performance across all dimensions of capital efficiency, from strategy and governance to capital allocation and execution.

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