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Smart data governance: The key to realizing smart city potential

How smart a city becomes—and which companies will win shares of this booming market—depends on the answer to one question:

How well can you, a private or public sector entity, govern and manage the data on which smart cities will be built?

In our view, successful smart cities are built on seven layers of data governance and management. These create a foundation that enables fully-realized smart cities with a robust digital ecosystem, built on the city’s own digital platform, in which new products, services, and business models are rapidly innovated and deployed.­­

Click below to learn more about these critical layers of smart cities data governance, as well as other other considerations for seizing the opportunities presented by the cities of the future.

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PwC named a Leader in Capital Projects and Infrastructure Consulting by ALM

PwC was named a leader for Capital Projects and Infrastructure Consulting in the ALM Vanguard report. Tomek Jankowski, author of the report, said of PwC, “PwC weds capital and portfolio strategy with its powerful data analytics capabilities to help clients design, plan and implement successful capital projects. PwC also ventures into innovative methods such as drones and blockchain.”

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