Real estate monetization

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In recent years, many companies have been reconsidering their real estate strategies. In many cases, monetizing your real estate assets is either part of an effort to unlock shareholder value in existing assets or to provide growth capital. Increasingly, activist investors are driving these pressures.

Across a variety of industries, many companies with significant real estate portfolios are seeking to monetize their existing real estate assets through certain types of transactions. These include nonrecourse financing, sale-leaseback transactions, REIT conversions and spin-offs.

With a proven track record in these transactions, PwC can help answer critical questions about real estate monetization, such as:

  • How do we assess the future role of real estate in our strategic plans?
  • How can we determine the best way to capture value from our real estate holdings?
  • How can we respond to shareholder activists who may be raising this issue?
  • How do we address the impact of the recent news on IRS rulings and congressional action in our real estate strategy discussions?

Learn about real estate monetization strategies in key industries

Retail & consumer

As heavy real estate users in the age of shareholder activism and changing business models, retail and consumer companies of all sizes are assessing the future role of real estate in their businesses. Our Retail & Consumer sector experts have participated in recent transactions that helped retail companies reshape their businesses through real estate monetization. We encourage you to contact them, below. 

For general information about PwC's Retail & Consumer sector, please visit the sector website.

Video: What does real estate mean for the retail industry?

PwC's Byron Carlock, Mitch Roschelle and Tom Wilkin discuss how the retail industry's heavy usage of real estate is driving change in ownership and investment.

For a deeper conversation about how real estate monetization may affect your retail and consumer business, please contact:

Rebecca Byam

US Retail & Consumer sector, United States, PwC US


Your health services company is facing new challenges from the “New Health Economy” -- driving new alliances and new entrants to the business while forcing existing companies to consider new strategic directions. Your real estate portfolio could help drive these new strategies. Learn how our Health Services sector experts are helping this happen.  We encourage you to contact them, below.

For general information about PwC's Health Services sector, please visit the sector website.

Video: How does real estate affect the healthcare industry?

PwC's Byron Carlock, Mitch Roschelle and Tom Wilkin talk about the changing delivery model for healthcare services and its impact on owned real estate.

Power & utilities

With load growth stagnant and growing popularity of customer control and choice over the source and generation of power, power and utility companies are seeking to reverse declines and create new revenue streams. Whether to monetize an asset or not (and if so, how) is a strategic question with long-term implications. Our Power & Utilities sector can help you decide on an effective approach to capitalizing on your real estate’s true value.

For general information about PwC's Power & Utilities sector,  please visit the sector website.

To have a deeper conversation about how real estate monetization may affect your power and utility company, please contact:

Maria Collman

Energy, Utilities & Mining Tax Leader, PwC US


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