Ralph  Roam

Ralph Roam

Principal, Capital Projects & Infrastructure (Power & Utilities Projects), PwC US

Ralph Roam has served the utility industry throughout his career, focusing on program, project, resource, operations and asset management. He has extensive experience in utility capital projects, including the start-up and turnaround of major capital programs.

Ralph has worked with industry leaders to develop organizational and delivery structures on capital projects ranging from electric and gas transmission and distribution, renewable generation and integration, smart grid technologies, and programmatic system improvements. He also helps clients manage risks associated with planning, permitting, constructing, and recovering the cost of electric and gas infrastructure projects.

His work with boards, audit committees, executive and management teams focuses on executing capital projects and programs to fulfill intended outcomes and stakeholder commitments. 

Ralph has provided professional testimony on various aspects of utility projects including cost estimating methodologies, deferral cost/benefit, escalation, contingency, and risk. He has experience in regulatory processes such as commission audits, compliance, state, federal, and regional permitting.

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