Internal Firm Services (IFS)

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As part of Internal Firm Services, you're serving an organization on par with many of our external clients. Our Internal firm Services team consists of first-rate marketers, human resource professionals, computer technologists, knowledge managers, accountants, financial planners, administrators and leaders. Internal firm Services staff are the people who make it work for the people who make it work for our clients.


It takes talented people to support the US firm of the largest professional services organization in the world. Not all of us work directly with external clients. Some of our best people choose to apply their talents inside PwC.

Join our Internal Firm Services (IFS) team and make PwC work even better. A representative sample of the various role within our IFS team are shown below.

HR Shared Services Center

The mission of the HR Shared Services Center (HR SSC) is to efficiently deliver superior human capital services and solutions in support of our internal client's business objectives and consistent with our Firm policies and values. The HR SSC is comprised of the Employee Knowledge Group, Learning Management, Change Management and Human Resources Operations-all working together to provide quality information and expertise to all US partners and staff on many areas.

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Information technology

The PwC United States IT organization deploys advanced technologies that enable the Firm to be successful in the marketplace. US IT delivers applications in support of core business functions like finance and human resources, and personal productivity tools that enable our people to work more efficiently and deliver the highest levels of service to our clients. Aligned with the Firm's business strategies, US IT provides technology tools for practice management, business development and regulatory compliance, and plays a critical role in protecting the Firm's information assets. The organization also provides technical support to all of PwC's US employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All of these services are provided through the following US IT Centers of Excellence.

  • Technology services manages the design, implementation and operations of technology infrastructure within PwC.
  • Development services develops, enhances and maintains both client- and nonclient-facing applications within PwC.
  • Business management focuses on aligning US IT's strategy and planning with the Firm's business planning cycle.
  • Tax technology provides the Tax practice with technology tools that create competitive advantage, drive strategic business growth and reduce inefficiencies.
  • Assurance IT/Knowledge management and advisory IT consult with and support the Assurance and Advisory practices in developing unique technology and knowledge management solutions to achieve their business objectives.

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The Finance organization at PwC is comprised of over 900 professionals within the organizations of:

  • US finance services
  • Line of service finance (Assurance, tax and advisory)
  • IFS finance
  • Treasury
  • Partner taxation

These professionals provide a full range of financial and operational services to the Firm, including complex financial reporting, cost management, critical financial analysis, tax planning, investment management, transaction processing, as well as continuous improvement and profitable growth initiatives. Careers in any of the Finance organizations listed above will prove to be both challenging and rewarding. Through the sharing of knowledge, leveraging of best practices and combined financial expertise, the individuals within our Finance organization are integral to the success of our business.

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The bricks and mortar that houses the Firm. Infrastructure also translates the strategies and policies of the Firm's leadership into processes and procedures that help serve the firm's clients. Specific elements of infrastructure include:

  • The WorkPlace provides facility management; mail and courier service; reprographic services; hoteling and concierge service; record management/central files; office supplies and equipment; capital expenditures and asset management; and operational aspects of secretarial management. The WorkPlace is also responsible for managing the firm's real estate.
  • Procurement purchases capital and expensed equipment. They also manage vendor relationships for office supplies, review outsourcing arrangements, and work as a strategic advisor for other service arrangements.
  • Travel manages the US travel program, including managing our relationships with preferred airlines, hotels and rental car companies
  • Meeting event services helps the LOS business units plan meetings for more than 25 people.
  • Security reviews and recommends security policies and programs designed to protect the firm's people and assets.
  • US firm risk management is responsible for designing and implementing a holistic property and casualty insurance program that identifies, analyzes, accepts, reduces and finances all LOS exposures to the US Firm, enabling the firm to be flexible enough to withstand a broad array of long-term exposures and events.

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Educate would-be clients and the public at large about the PwC brand, Firm capabilities and services.

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