Calling all educators: Build your digital IQ with PwC’s Digital Fitness Assessment app

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How can we prepare ourselves and our students for an increasingly digital future?

There’s no question, technology is changing the way we all work and live. From virtual reality field trips to science museums to apps explaining homework assignments with a screenshot, a lot has happened since we were in students’ shoes. With all this change, it is important that we prepare educators and their students for the digital future.

As part of PwC’s Access Your Potential® commitment, we are supporting educators like you by providing access to resources that can help you learn about emerging technologies, trends and disruptions.

One of our resources, the Digital Fitness Assessment (DFA) app*, provides a personalized experience to help increase your digital acumen. The app assesses your current digital knowledge and gives you fitness plan options to expand it. Next, the app delivers bite-sized content each week to help build your knowledge and confidence so that you can talk about technology in the classroom.

*Provided by the PwC Charitable Foundation


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Watch how PwC is helping teachers and students become digitally fit and ready for the future of work.

Explore content created for you and your classrooms

The DFA app assesses where you are in your understanding of emerging tech, giving you a “digital IQ” score. From there, the app delivers customized, succinct content – videos, blogs, tutorials and short articles – that will expand your proficiency and give you the confidence to share your learnings with your classroom.

  • Articles
    Articles that expand your knowledge of technology, its uses in the classroom and how you and your students can upskill.
  • Infographics
    Infographics that explain topics such as coding and virtual field trips.
  • Videos
    Inspiring TED and custom educator videos to apply learnings in your classroom.
  • Listicles
    Listicles that carousel through digital upskilling technologies and how educators can integrate them into their classrooms.

Our goal is to give you the confidence and inspiration to incorporate new technology topics in your classroom and to spark curiosity in your students that can influence their future careers.

How to start your DFA journey

To start getting digitally fit, download and register for the app:

1. Download the app

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2. Create a free account

You must register with your school email address. If the app doesn’t recognize your school email address, please use this invite code: DQH3P2

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3. Complete the Digital Fitness Assessment

Complete the assessment to understand how digitally fit you are. The assessment takes about 15 mins to complete.

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4. Choose a fitness plan

Indicate how many minutes per week you’d like to commit to your digital fitness.

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5. Get fit

Complete your fitness plan at the top of the Home screen each week, and explore other content in the app at your leisure.

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Watch to learn how to unlock the power of digital innovation and transform the way people learn, think, interact and solve problems.

If you experience any issues with the DFA

Having trouble using DFA?

If you experience issues after registering with the app, reach out to the DFA dedicated support desk.

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