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Global Mobility Services

For the world's leading organisations, deployment of talent is key to success.

The relentless pace of globalisation is increasing the role international mobility plays in achieving business goals. HR professionals face major challenges dealing with new mobility patterns, working methods and an increased demand from management to demonstrate the value obtained from internationally mobile staff. 

At the same time, issues such as tax, immigration, social security, benefits and payroll are changing the global mobility landscape. HR professionals are expected to grapple with and adapt to these ever-changing policies when leveraging on global talent for the business.

In Asia Pacific, this is even more prevalent as businesses expand into new markets and require experienced management on the ground quickly.

Do you…

  • need to ensure that your global mobility policies are aligned with and meet the needs of your business while being cost efficient;
  • want your global mobility delivery structure to be efficient; 
  • need to manage your employees’ employment tax costs arising from global mobility structures and policies; 
  • need to manage risks by complying with local employment tax regulations

How we can help you

By combining the PwC Global Mobility Services (GMS) practices in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, we are able to achieve maximum leverage of our resources: people, intellectual capital and experience to provide international assignment services our clients need when and where it is required.

Our GMS professionals deliver a range of international assignment services including advisory and compliance services, as well as programme administration in the following key areas:

  • Personal/expatriate tax services
  • Pension and social security services
  • Mobility services
  • Employment Regulations services (where permitted)
  • Immigration services
  • Human Resource consulting services

How we're making mobility easy

Our services are grounded on 3 key principles to ensure a great mobility experience. Our interactions with your and your employees are focused on innovation, building relationships and are consistent with how we work across the PwC network. 

  • We share our knowledge and experience in each interaction with you 
  • We are responsive and are committed to identifying solutions for you proactively
  • We understand your preferences and personal goals, and personalise our approach accordingly
Globally consistent
  • We provide a consistent point of contact with regular, meaningful communications
  • Our service is delivered through one system with one global process for one consistent experience
  • We make sure that your employees understand the mobility tax process
Focused on innovation
  • Our digital platform, myMobility, provides a customisable experience for your assignees, delivering real-time updates and access to your PwC contact at a single touch
  • We commit to being a change agent at every stage of our service delivery supply chain, continually challenging the status quo

Contact us

Hilda Liow

Hilda Liow

Tax Partner, Global Mobility Services

Tel: +60 (3) 2173 1638

Phing Phing Lim

Phing Phing Lim

Tax Partner, Global Mobility Services

Tel: +60 (3) 2173 1651

Lay Har Wee

Lay Har Wee

Tax Director, Global Mobility Services

Tel: +60 (3) 2173 1641

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