Organisational culture and purpose

Harnessing culture to deliver results

A company’s identity — the capabilities and practices that distinguish it and make it effective — is grounded in the way people think and behave. Deeply embedded cultural influences can change more slowly than marketplace factors but coherence across an organisation's culture, strategy and operating model can make it more attractive to its employees and customers, and to drive business value. Organisations that figure out which behaviours embedded in their culture can be applied to accelerate the changes that they want - and find ways to counterbalance and diminish other elements of the culture that hinder them - can initiate, accelerate, and sustain beneficial change with less effort, time, and expense, and generally with better results.

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Making the link between digital culture and digital success

Making the link between digital culture and digital success

Are you trying to make a major strategic shift that needs the benefit of cultural energy to accelerate and sustain results? Or is your organisation’s culture at risk of undermining your business performance? Might that culture create behavioural risk or compliance issues?

How we can help

PwC’s culture specialists support businesses in their culture evolution efforts, by targeting the specific behavioural changes that have the potential to drive desired business outcomes by diagnosing the level of coherence between strategy, operating model and culture – and identifying key gaps.

PwC and Strategy& have the capabilities, insights, tools and experience to help harness the power of organisational culture to support business strategy, operating model and cultures are coherent to maximise effectiveness:

Cultural diagnosis

PwC helps you to assess your existing culture in concrete, specific and objective terms either through interviews with senior leaders, surveys, and focus groups. We can identify and analyse the cultural traits, including strengths and potential challenges that impact your business.

Strategic plan for culture

PwC helps you to develop culture strategic plan that focuses on the ‘critical few’. By defining your culture aspirations and identifying and prioritising the critical behaviours to evolve your culture we can help you drive performance and help advance key business needs.


Integrate the formal and informal

We help you to integrate formal and informal enabling mechanisms. Using informal approaches to build emotional commitment and pride (e.g. networks, peer interactions, exemplary motivational leaders) in doing things differently and deploying formal mechanisms to reinforce and sustain the desired 'critical few' behaviour changes.


Measure behavioural change

We can help you determine measurement objectives and design criteria. We understand the importance in defining the right measurement approach for your business and how to designing tools and reporting rhythms that help you track progress.


Use market leading PwC tools

We draw upon a suite of market leading PwC tools including:

  • Conduct first 
  • Real-time behaviour analysis 
  • Performance alignment 
  • The Culture Diagnostic Accelerator™
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