Manage risk and reputation

Focus on mitigating workforce related risks and building trust with your people and society.

Companies are facing new organisational, talent, HR, and technology challenges as business leaders wrestle with disruptive innovation, global trade, skill mismatches, and the constant test of risk and regulations. 

Companies build relationships with employees, partners, regulators, and the public on a foundation of trust. If that foundation is shaken, they can risk losing talent, investors, and customers. How can you manage risk and empower your people?

While organisations can rarely reduce their people risks to zero, many struggle with the speed and nature of response to risks that arise. Data analytics can bring new insights to enable organisations to increase their visibility over key human capital risks in their business. Diagnostic tools, behavioural economics, and embedding a people centric approach to culture can help organisations gain clarity around specific aspects of their people risks including the HR function, HR policy, procedures and processes.

At PwC, we convene skills from across our network to help clients with their risk issues bringing together our Workforce, Tax, Legal, Risk, Forensics, Data & Analytics and Global Crisis expertise to do that.

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Christopher Box

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Peter Brown

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