Korea Business Desk

Supports Korean organisations establishing or enhancing their Indonesian presence and also providing a comprehensive suite of services for Indonesian based companies looking at opportunities to enter the Korean market.


Korea’s economy and financial markets have proved resilient in a challenging global environment. Korea’s economic growth in the wake of international turbulence, combined with continued deregulation, makes the country attractive for overseas investors.

At the same time, Indonesia offers abundant opportunities for Korean businesses to invest and grow.

Local knowledge

The Korea service team is a combination between Korean and Indonesian teams. We are the first firm to have a dedicated team for Korean businesses operating in Indonesia, advising on how to set up a business, compliance with regulations and reporting requirements, and assisting in the unique business and market environment in Indonesia. We also have substantial experience in dealing with various issues faced by Korean companies in Indonesia. Furthermore, we are closely working with Korean professional associations, including KOTRA, the Korean Embassy, KAFA (Injaemo), KTA (trading industry), KERA (energy industry) and KFA (financial institutes).

How PwC can help you

Our team works in partnership with you to find the right investment opportunities. Together we can realise the value you are looking for. This might be in the resources sector, renewable energy, power sector, financial services, infrastructure development, technology, plantation or elsewhere.

Each member of our KBD brings technical excellence in audit, tax or consulting. You know you’ll get the best advice on regulatory and business matters.

We have extensive international experience and our industry specialists use their insight to help you understand the latest industry needs.

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