Going Public


IPOs are back. Although the trend today does not come close to the IPO boom years of the past, solid economics, strong fundamentals and a well-prepared story to market can provide a great foundation for a successful IPO.

Our Capital Markets specialists provide support at every stage of the listing process.

There are three phases to a successful IPO and PwC can provide the support you need in each of these phases:


Whether acting in the capacity as your independent auditors, or advisors for tax, accounting and financial reporting, we will be an active part of your team – we want to be the business advisor who helps you complete a successful offering.

We have been involved in equity and debt offerings for a wide range of Indonesian companies. As part of this involvement, we work in teams that include investment banks, law firms, auditors, financial advisors and other parties involved in the listing process. We believe this close cooperation with the company and other consultants is essential for a successful IPO.

We have a broad and in-depth knowledge of standard global practices for public offerings and capital market regulations.

Our global network enables us to continually analyse developments and trends in markets across the world, and we take advantage of this ability in the interests of our local clients. We do not apply universal solutions, but instead take an individual approach to each situation. Our knowledge and experience help you to develop pragmatic solutions and practices tailored to your specific needs.



Our Value Proposition

  • Tailored service at your doorstep
  • Seamless execution
  • Unique position to take advantage of the optimum IPO window
  • Minimise disruption to your business
  • Team up to transfer knowledge
  • Optimise shareholder value


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