Cybersecurity and Privacy

Business nowadays are required to move toward digital transformation, while at the same time has to mitigate threats and build resilient operations in order to protect their crown jewel of asset: information. While information is valuable, it can also act like a double-edged sword: once it is compromised, it can jeopardise the long-built reputation and cause organisations to collapse when operations are disrupted. That’s why information protection is more important than ever.

Cybersecurity and privacy builds protection by creating layers of defence in depth to protect the organisations’ assets stored in the enterprise solutions and its system infrastructure. 


How we can help

Our cybersecurity and privacy services will provide you with a broad ranges of solutions answering your needs from strategic to operations. Here’s the list:

The use of cloud service accelerates organisation’s business growth while maintaining the optimum level of resources. Making a decision to migrate to cloud requires a complex and careful consideration. We help many organisations to navigate their cloud journey from various perspective, such as security, compliance, regulatory, suitability and many other aspects.

Digitalisation exposes organisations to emerging security risks and threats, where people, process and technology need to be managed to build cybersecurity resilience. Our experts will be able to help you in assessing your current state and developing cybersecurity strategy to navigate your cybersecurity journey.

Security technology has become an important enabler for both IT and business to perform operations in an efficient manner while keeping security risks at bay. We can help you getting value from the security technology investments by providing IT operational model tailored specifically according to your organisation needs.

With the increasing complexity of cyber threats landscape, organisations must stay on top to understand and continuously manage the potential vulnerabilities across systems, network and applications. Our services cover detection of any potential loopholes and threats, as well as assist you in the remediation process.

With the increasing number of cybersecurity threats and incidents, organisations must be able to quickly respond to a cybersecurity breach in an effective and efficient manner. In PwC, we provide end-to-end incident response services from detection until investigation of incidents.

In this digital era, data privacy has quickly become a pressing concern, in particular to customers and regulators. PwC’s data privacy services aim to assist organisations in developing their data privacy management to win trust from customers and comply with relevant regulations.

Third-party service providers are often relied upon to operate critical processes in the organisations, exposing risks to the organisation’s critical information if not managed properly. PwC provides insights ensuring that your third-party service providers are properly handling your sensitive information. 

Indonesian Personal Data Protection Law

The Indonesian Personal Data Protection (PDP) Law has been ratified by President Joko Widodo on 17 October 2022 and listed as UU No. 27 tahun 2022 regarding Personal Data Protection, referred to herein as the “UU PDP”.

The UU PDP aims to provide guidelines on personal data processing and obligations of data controller and processors in protecting personal data in order to uphold the data subject rights. In addition, the presence of data protection authority (kelembagaan) is now stipulated, which was previously undefined in the 2019 bill.

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Hack A Day Challenge

PwC Indonesia is hosting the first edition of Hack A Day challenge - a regional cybersecurity competition that test your abilities and skills as you navigate complex real-world questions, in collaboration with The 7th annual Hack A Day, hosted by PwC Hong Kong.

This year's theme, "Securing AI," highlights the importance of understanding the potential security risks and vulnerabilities associated with artificial intelligence.

The competition has two tracks; Hackathon and Capture the Flag Competition for university students not only from Indonesia but also from Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. These exciting competitions offer university students a unique opportunity to engage with AI models and tools, showcase their cybersecurity skills, and compete against talented peers.

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