Japan Business Desk

The best partner for Japanese companies

  • Considered as the leading firm in Indonesia for Japanese Business in terms of number of clients and business volume
  • Strong Japanese business team that consists of a dedicated team of Japanese Expatriates, advising on how to set up a business, compliance with regulation and reporting requirements, and assisting in the unique business and market environment in Indonesia. This team is part of the Global PwC Japanese Business Network that operates in more than 80 countries.
  • The most active firm in Japanese Business in Indonesia, conducting various seminars and training events as well as issuing publications in Japanese
  • Close working with Japanese Institutions, including Japanese Embassy, JICA, JETRO, JJC.



This is an unofficial Japanese translation of publications in English. Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of the translation, no responsibility or liability is accepted by PwC Indonesia as to the accuracy of the translation. We would recommend that users should refer to the official English version of the publications in any doubt.

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Ade Elimin
Japanese Desk Leader
Tel: +62 21 5289 0590

Shunsuke Wariishi
Tel: +62 21 521 2901

Ryuji Sugawara
Tel: +62 21 5287 2287

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