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Accomplish exceptional result in realising your growth

Strategy lies at the heart of good investment decisions, to ensure sustained return to your stakeholders. We will help you to realise your strategic aspirations through driving value creation and maximising value capture.

Our many years’ experience in making deals, strong industry knowledge and expertise, combined with leading data and analytics expertise enable us to help you achieve success in your deals and create value in realizing growth, partnership or acquisition contexts.

How we can help

Expanding the business through Merger & Acquisition (M&A)

As part of using M&A to expand your business capabilities, you need to discover the right partner by understanding prospective partners’ current operations and organization prior to proceeding with the deal. We can provide you our services, from target searching and screening to due diligence on their commercial, operational, human capital, and information technology systems.

Leading the integration process

As a buyer, you want to ensure flawless integration with your target via a thorough integration plan, covering key activities and milestones within a realistic timeline. We can provide you our services, from developing integration strategy and planning, to post-deal performance improvement monitoring.

Generating synergies from integration

You expect to have synergies from both commercial and operational aspects that will give more value to your integration, not just BAU (Business As Usual). We will help you to assess potential synergy across revenue, cost, financial, and multiplier.


Realizing investment into return

At certain junctures, there will be a great opportunities for you to realize the return of your investment from your business portfolio. We could help you in realizing your return of investment throughout the overall exit transaction.

Uplifting the business value for potential buyers

We can help you to improve your business performance prior to selling your business by leveraging our value creation methodology, supported with analytics tools. Moreover, we can help to shortlist the potential buyers.

Planning and monitoring a carved-out business

Carving out a business is a very complex process with a high potential for business disruption. We can help you to develop comprehensive carve-out plans which enable you to seamlessly close the deal and minimize business disruptions. 



Optimising the value and performance of the business

As part of your growth aspirations, you need to identify the potential levers from commercial, operational, and financial aspects. We can assist you in developing a growth strategy, conducting reviews and development of business plan, and assessing the portfolio strategy.

Penetrating or developing within the market

The market in each sector and region has a unique situation. Hence, it is crucial for a company to understand the market and region prior to market penetration or development. We can help you to define "where to play?", "how to play?", and "how to win?".

Why does the clients choose us

Proven Track Records

We understand your needs based on wide-ranging experience on  different sectors (SoE, PE, corporate, etc.) to deliver value.

Experienced Team

We have a pool of industry experts  with extensive industry and functional experience to  provide relevant insight.

Global Network

We have  extensive industry experts  network   across the globe to provide latest insight and benchmarking.

Value Creation in Deals

Our value bridge approach will identify and create tangible value from transactions.

Digital and Analytics Expertise

Our analytical tools will transform data into insight  for your call to action.

Case Studies

Market Entry into Indonesia’s Cold Chain Market


Our client is an international financial institution that offers investment, advisory, and asset management services to encourage private-sector development in less developed countries. Aiming to open up key markets to private sector investment in Indonesia’s cold chain logistics market, PwC's assistance as an independent advisor was requested to conduct regional workshops.

Our value proposition

In this project, we conducted regional workshops to assess the market outlook of the cold chain, as well as the ideation of the potential investment initiatives and challenges in Indonesia.


As a result, the client has a more comprehensive view on Indonesia’s cold chain market, and is able to prioritize the potential initiatives from ten initiatives to three shortlisted initiatives with detailed key activities, estimated investment, and timelines.

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Commercial Due Diligence for a Big E-commerce Player in Indonesia


PwC was engaged to develop an independent commercial due diligence report by our client, one of the leading e-commerce players in Indonesia, for their fundraising proposals to potential investors.

Our value proposition

We holistically assessed our client’s business in terms of its vendor business plan overview and competitiveness, market forecasts and regulations, and the competitive landscape. We also identified key e-commerce players from developed countries for further consideration and comparisons.


Based on insights from the assessments, the client was able to evaluate their business plan and recognize their business strategy effectiveness in order to strategically position themselves in the market by having key business assumptions analysed.

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Growth Strategy Development for a Major Player in the Infrastructure Sector


PwC was engaged to assist a client, one of the largest Indonesian state-owned companies in the construction industry, with one of their initiatives of regarding sustainable growth trajectory, which was previously centralized only in toll-road infrastructure and heavily funded through their balance sheet. The client asked PwC to assist in the development of their sustainable growth strategy, which included the development of sector expansion and divestment strategy. 

Our value propostion

In this project, our role was to assess the current growth strategy and client's core capabilities, which included making recommendations on the divestment strategy and expansion strategy, based on the investment characteristics of the prioritized sub-sectors.


As a result, the client able to have a comprehensive solutions to ensure its sustainable growth trajectory, while developing a practical and adaptive strategy for multi-sector expansion. The client also has a well-developed action plan for its their divestment strategy. Furthermore, the client was being introduced to an initial approach towards business transformation in order to shift their core business.

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End-to-End M&A Service for One of the Largest Bank and General Insurance Companies in Indonesia


PwC were engaged to conduct an end-to-end M&A process which covered a feasibility study, operational and human resource due diligence on the general insurance industry, and developing a post-merger integration plan for one of the largest state-owned banks in Indonesia.

Our value proposition

In this project, our role was to assess the general insurance market and provide options and shortlisted potential targets for M&A. Once the target was decided, we conducted comprehensive due diligence by examining the core value chain, standard operational procedures, organizational structure and potential redundancy of the target. In addition, we also assessed potential improvements and risks for the identified findings in due diligence. As for the post-acquisition plan, we identified and quantified the potential synergies, provided a high-level timeline, prioritization, and key activities for the identified synergies, as well as developing a post-merger integration plan.


As the result, the client was able to execute the acquisition successfully. The client has also now has a set of recommendations for short- and long-term agenda, which were included in the business plan, a synergy timeline and key initiatives, day-one checklist, and 100-day plan that will support their process continuity.

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Post-Merger Integration Plan and Monitoring Between a Foreign Bank and a Local Bank in Indonesia


Our client, one of the largest banks in Japan, acquired a majority stake in a listed local mid-sized bank in Indonesia. The strategic objective of the acquisition was to enable the Japanese bank to take advantage of the local bank’s foothold in the growing retail and small and medium enterprises (SME) segments, thereby strengthening its footprint in Indonesia.

Our value proposition

As part of the post-acquisition program, we advised in the integration of the risk management function along with practices and policies into the acquiring bank. We specifically helped in the following areas:

  • Identified alignment requirements on the risk management processes and policies between the two banks;
  • Identified gaps in the credit risk management framework, policies, procedures and practices based on a current state assessment of the two banks;
  • Assessed the feasibility of aligning credit risk management policies between both banks, keeping in mind local regulatory requirements and standard practices;
  • Provided recommendations on how the identified gaps should be aligned;
  • Managed the Integration Management Office for implementing the identified risk management framework harmonisation  initiatives, by coordinating with key stakeholder groups across the two banks.


Our client achieved smooth and seamless alignment of the credit risk framework between the two banks. We also helped the local bank align with the group reporting requirements based on the local regulatory reporting requirements in Japan. By leveraging our data analytics capabilities, we were able to accelerate the group reporting process by reducing its preparation time by around 30%.

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Carve-Out Planning and Day-One Readiness Assessment for a Leading Automotive Manufacturer


Our client was a leading automotive manufacturer involved in the production and distribution of commercial and passenger vehicles. In order to focus on the production and sales of the commercial vehicles business segment, the client decided to separate the commercial vehicles business unit from the passenger vehicles business unit through a carve-out transaction.

Our value proposition

We help in the following areas:

  • We provided carve-out execution assistance.
  • For the transaction implementation, with other lines of service, we supported the client in executing the carve-out of another entity across multiple work streams - PMO, Finance, IT, Regulatory, and Tax.
  • Within the tight timeframe, we achieved day-one readiness and realized operation commencement at the buy-in time with minimal business disruption.


PwC helped the client in planning and preparation of the carve-out of its commercial vehicles business segment from its passenger vehicles business, while ensuring day-one readiness with minimal operational disruption.

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Delivering Deal Value

A key part of our work is helping businesses to deliver ‘hard’ goals such as cost savings and revenue growth. However, equally important are some of the ‘softer’ issues such as communication, cultural assimilation and employee retention, which while vital in delivering and sustaining value, can often be forgotten amid the financial objectives of the deal.

Our Capability Statement


Indonesia’s Fintech Lending
Driving Economic Growth through Financial Inclusion
PwC’s 2019 Indonesia Fintech Lending report, to be unveiled in Q2 2019, reveals behaviour of over 2,800 customers in Indonesia. Their answers can help players to be more informed on how to position themselves for the future, while at the same time, help government to assess the impact of Fintech Lending to facilitate financial inclusion in Indonesia.

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