Successful Capital Project Delivery


While cost overruns and delays have always been serious issues, companies and governments have grown increasingly concerned about them. Recently, PwC surveyed 47 global mega-projects – ranging from railways, road and nuclear power to oil and gas, utilities and airport infrastructure – and found that 76% of projects exceeded their budget by more than 25%. The average cost-overrun was 88 per cent.

Cost over-runs have many causes (see Figure 2), and it usually takes a series of failed steps to put a project in jeopardy. However, many projects experience problems because they didn’t get off to a good start. “Poor estimates during project planning and missed deadlines” are the largest contributors to project failure, according to our global survey of project management leaders.


Figure 2: Causes of capital project cost over-runs


To improve the chances that the capital projects in their com¬pany’s portfolio deliver the hoped-for value, executives need more certainty in the execution of those projects. There are six key actions to project execution excellence:

  • Deploy capital efficiently
  • Establish a centralized project management organization
  • Adopt the right project categorization strategy
  • Apply project management standards
  • Set up reliable and consistent project status information
  • Leverage integrated technology

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