PwC NextLevel

PwC NextLevel is the leading engagement platform for value creation between start-ups, corporates and investors in Indonesia.

We understand that the challenges faced by each start-up and scale-up are unique due to different stages of growth and different industries. Handling the pressure to grow while getting the fundamental infrastructure right is a complex exercise and requires support and collaboration.

Corporates, on the other hand, face challenges to keep innovating. Technology disruption, accelerated by COVID-19, has made them rethink and reconfigure how they manage business today and prepare for the future. As innovation through digitalisation leads to faster growth, higher productivity and the ability to be more competitive, corporates can gain many insights collaborating with start-ups when preparing for their digital future and innovation. 

Investors, including venture capitals, are looking for promising start-ups and want to ensure that these start-ups and scale-ups have the right fundamentals to grow. 


PwC NextLevel supports start-ups, scale-ups, corporates and investors in a range of different ways to help you satisfy these needs and growth ambitions. We are a combination of people with strong interests in the start-up ecosystem; we have the experience working with you that enables us to understand the challenges and the support you need to grow to the next level. PwC NextLevel provides the tools to enable you to effectively and efficiently scale your business and bring the ecosystem together; it is a platform for exchange between start-ups, scale-ups, corporates and investors. 

The platform is co-developed by the Entrepreneurial and Private Business Group of PwC Indonesia, PwC Academy and the leading key players in the ecosystem. We begin by inviting start-ups, scale-ups and corporates to join our tailored sessions phase which focuses on fundamental topics in the areas of tax, accounting and finance, structuring, funding strategy, legal, valuation and IT. The sessions promote collaborative learning between start-ups, scale-ups, corporates and our dedicated professionals with the aim of equipping the participants with the right infrastructure and fundamentals to be ready for growth. 

Then, within a certain period of time, these start-ups, scale-ups and corporates will participate in the collaboration phase, which promotes interactions between our team and the leading players in the ecosystem. As more corporates and investors are seeking to grow their businesses, innovation and investing in the right sector is crucial. Strategic investment and collaboration with start-ups and scale-ups promote quicker routes to achieve success with major innovative leaps to stand out from competition. 

PwC NextLevel leverages our network and knowledge to build bridges between start-ups, scale-ups, corporates and investors, including those from family-owned businesses and institutional corporations. The PwC NextLevel programme also supports venture capitals looking to optimise or improve innovative, fast-growing start-ups within their portfolio to be investment ready and realise their potential. We provide tools to enable these start-ups to grow effectively and efficiently.


How will the NextLevel programme help me grow?

Our NextLevel Programmes

  • Practical guide to understand basic taxation

  • Legal structure for tax efficiency

  • Introduction to digital tax

  • External financial reporting

  • Internal management reporting

  • Understanding impact of fund injections: Debt vs Equity

  • Risk review

  • GRC overview

  • Enterprise risk management overview

  • IT audit fundamentals

  • Basic data management

  • Data and analytics for 2nd and 3rd Lines of Defence

  • Cyber security awareness

  • Business plan

  • Information memorandum

  • Valuation

  • Corporate governance

  • Legal due diligence issues and compliance

  • Transaction and transfer restriction issues

Our events

Scale Up Your Business

The Story of Express Delivery

13 November 2019 -  Jakarta


  • Arief Kurniawan (Commissioner of JNE Express and JNE Logistics, Chairman of JNE Express Audit Committee)

Tax Governance

10 - 11 November 2020 - Webinar


  • Nicholas Sugito (Tax Senior Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Sophia Rengganis (Tax Senior Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Irene Satyanagara (Tax Senior Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Marcel Irawan (NextLevel Director, PwC Indonesia)

Financial & Accounting

17 - 18 November 2020 - Webinar


  • Silawaty Tjhin (Partner, PwC Indonesia)
  • Marcel Irawan (NextLevel Director, PwC Indonesia)
  • Martinus Budiman (Manager, PwC Indonesia)

Business Plan and Fundraising

1 - 2 December 2020


  • Radju Munusamy (Partner, PwC Indonesia)
  • Jasmin Maranan (Advisor, PwC Indonesia)
  • Marcel Irawan (Director, PwC Indonesia)
  • Dimas Gunadi (Director, PwC Indonesia)
  • Dennis Tendean (Advisor, PwC Indonesia)
  • Irwan Rismawan (Senior Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Siswono Tjia (Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Prasetyo Mursid (Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Tenno Tanaka (Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Janina Maia (Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Aljerru Jongkamto (PwC Indonesia)

Legal Aspects in deals environment

8 - 10 December 2020 - Webinar


  • Danar Sunartoputra (Director, PwC Indonesia)
  • Marcel Irawan (Director, PwC Indonesia)
  • Yoso Nicodemus (Senior Manager, PwC Indonesia) 
  • Smita Adinda (Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Indra Junialdi (PwC Indonesia)




IT Controls & Data Management

16 - 17 December 2020


  • Yuliana Sudjonno (Partner, PwC Indonesia) 
  • Marcel Irawan (Director, PwC Indonesia)
  • Bakhtiar Ollong (Director, PwC Indonesia)
  • Lidwina Andromeda (Senior Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Gede Widagdo (Senior Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Michael Hitipeuw (Senior Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Akhmad Fajridina (Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Kevin Gian (Manager, PwC Indonesia)



PwC NextLevel 2021 Outlook

Start-ups, Investments, and Corporate Collaborations

19 January 2021 - Webinar


  • Radju Munusamy (NextLevel Leader, PwC Indonesia)
  • Willson Cuaca (Managing Partner, East Ventures)
  • Melisa Irene (Partner, East Ventures)
  • Teresa Wibowo (Founder and CEO, Ruparupa NextGen member of Kawan Lama Group)
  • Eric Dharma (VP of Corporate Development, M&A, Waresix)
  • Brian Marshal (Founder and CEO, SIRCLO)

Fire-side chat with Arief Musta’in

25 March 2021 - Webinar


  • Radju Munusamy (Partner, PwC Indonesia)
  • Arief Mustain (Director & Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Indosat Ooredoo)
  • Ichsan Arifanto (Director, PwC Indonesia)
  • Marcel Irawan (Director, PwC Indonesia)


IPO & SPAC Readiness

29 March 2021 - Webinar


  • Yuliana Sudjonno (Partner, PwC Indonesia)
  • Jasmin Maranan (Advisor, PwC Indonesia)
  • Omar Abdulkadir (Advisor, PwC Indonesia)
  • Marcel Irawan (Director, PwC Indonesia)

Collaboration Phase with Mekari, Komunal, Nodeflux

Precious Learning from COVID-19

30 March 2021 - Webinar


  • Irhoan Tanudiredja (Partner, PwC Indonesia)
  • Marcel Irawan (Director, PwC Indonesia)
  • Margaretha Lesmono (Senior Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Julius William (Senior Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Hendry Lieviant 
  • Adhi Nugroho 
  • Suwandi Soh

Omnibus Law: Deep Dive for Implementing Regulation

12 - 13 April 2021 - Webinar


  • Nicholas Sugito (Senior Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Sophia Rengganis (Senior Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Tri Pandu Mulya Permana (Manager, PwC Indonesia)
  • Narindra Krisnamurti (Manager, PwC Indonesia)


Introduction to Growth Acceleration Planning

20 - 21 April 2021 - Webinar



  • Marcel Irawan (PwC Indonesia) 
  • Patrick Yeo (PwC Singapore) 
  • Maxime Blein (PwC Singapore)
  • Louise Broderick (PwC Singapore)



  • Michael Goenawan (PwC Indonesia)
  • Radju Munusamy (PwC Indonesia)
  • Marcel Irawan (PwC Indonesia)
  • Patrick Yeo (PwC Singapore)
  • Maxime Blein (PwC Singapore)

PwC NextLevel Programme with East Ventures - Batch 2

Accounting and Financial Reporting

6 & 7 October 2021 - Webinar

Day 1 - External Financial Reporting and Practical Challenges


  • Arryu Amin (PwC Indonesia)
  • Martinus Budiman (PwC Indonesia)
  • Elina Mihardja (PwC Indonesia)

Day 2 - Accounting Updates and Debt vs Equity


  • Nicholas Sugito (PwC Indonesia)
  • Vanessa Wibisono (PwC Indonesia)

PwC NextLevel Team

Radju Munusamy

Partner, PwC Indonesia

+62 21 509 92901


Marcel Irawan

Partner, PwC Indonesia

+62 21 509 92901


Nicholas Sugito

Director, PwC Indonesia

+62 21 509 92901


Julius William

Director, PwC Indonesia

+62 21 509 92901


Line of Services Representatives

Silawaty Tjhin

Assurance Partner, PwC Indonesia

+62 21 509 92901


Yuliana Sudjonno

Risk Assurance Partner, PwC Indonesia

+62 21 509 92901


Andrias Hendrik

Tax Partner, Jakarta, PwC Indonesia

+62 21 509 92901


Danar Respati Sunartoputra

Legal Partner, PwC Indonesia

+62 21 509 92901


Dennis Tendean

Advisor, PwC Indonesia

+62 21 509 92901


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