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IPO Readiness Assessment 

Many companies start preparing for becoming a publicly listed company well before the actual IPO process starts. In fact, advance preparation is typically the critical success factor to achieving a smooth execution process – steps can be taken early to correct any potential organizational gaps or transactional issues that are identified, allowing you to take advantage of the optimum IPO window for your company.

PwC can provide an IPO Readiness Assessment which will help you review the critical areas needed for a successful float. Key areas of this structured diagnostic scan include, but not limited to:

  • Financial reporting procedures and internal controls
  • Corporate structure, legal and tax considerations
  • Financial track record
  • Corporate governance

The output is a roadmap of what needs to be addressed during the IPO preparation process. The project does not take long; depending on each particular case, it may take about 4 – 8 weeks from start to finish.




  • Allows early identification of issues to avoid last minute surprises
  • Gives management a chance to remediate findings
  • Distributes the workload more evenly to avoid bottlenecks
  • Minimises the disruption to the company’s business during the IPO process
  • Helps accelerate time to market by positioning a company to take advantage of “market windows”
  • Enhances the company’s IPO knowledge
  • The IPO Readiness report assists in marketing the company to investment bankers:
    • It allows the company to not only show its preparedness, but also to demonstrate the actions taken to position the company for both an IPO and for being a public company
    • It assists and streamlines the investment bankers’ due diligence process

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