Jobs Creation Law


The breakthrough Omnibus Law on Jobs Creation  was signed by the President on 2 November 2020. With the implementation of the Omnibus Law, 76 cross-sectoral laws will be aligned and streamlined with the objective of removing obstacles to investment thus contributing significantly to jobs creation and sustainable economic growth.  


The Way Forward

Effective implementation will require a massive synchronisation with existing laws, including the issuance of new implementing regulations and revision of other regulations in the spirit of harmonisation at the central, regional and municipal levels. It is expected that a total of nearly 40 government regulations and presidential decrees could be issued within the three months after the Omnibus Law came into force.


What PwC can do

PwC Indonesia has initiated this dedicated webpage and the “Omnibus Flash” series to bring you objective updates, explanations and analysis of the content of the Law and related regulations. We will also be hosting Webinars featuring prominent government officials and business stakeholders to help you gain insights and interpret the changes impacting your business and the Indonesian society. Our professionals will be staying current and up to date on all of the various sections of the law and forthcoming regulations and we are here to help you.

Together we can all work to move forward with President Jokowi’s vision of increasing Indonesia’s competitiveness and future growth potential.

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