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Business Recovery Services (BRS)

Global economic slowdown, rapid market changes, tough market competition, disruptive technologies, strategic errors – any or all of these can bring a company into serious financial distress. Companies sometime exhibit symptoms of distress well before a crisis erupts. Early detection and swift decision are keys to restoring performance and value. That is why timely and expert advice is critical.

BRS is part of the larger Deals group of PwC. The division brings together professionals from a wide range of backgrounds to provide integrated services which provide PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS to our clients in managing crisis.

We combine the local knowledge and expertise of our Indonesian team with the skills and contacts of our global network. From restructuring and business turnaround to finance raising and M&A, our aim is to help our clients RECREATE VALUE through the implementation of EFFECTIVE RESTRUCTURING and/or FINANCE RAISING.

Services to Companies Experiencing/ Anticipating Financial Difficulties

We provide services to assist companies in resolving financial and strategic issues and help to improve businesses that are performing below optimum level. We advise and assist our clients in:

  • Business assessment and turnaround;
  • Corporate restructuring;
  • Debt restructuring;
  • Finance raising; and
  • Asset disposal.

We provide end to end services.  From putting together a plan to completing deals with investor(s), in finance raising, and/or creditors, in debt restructuring.  We are able and have significant experience in leading the process from planning to completion.


Services to Lenders to Distressed Companies

We provide lenders (banks, bondholders, and other financial creditors) a wide range of services to help managing their under/ non-performing loans/ bonds or other financial instruments.

We provide value added advices to lenders by providing a better understanding of borrower’s business, through assessment/ review on their historical and prospective financial performance and positions, and the corresponding risks and opportunities, with the objective to identify and recommend alternative solutions to optimize lenders’ recovery.

To achieve the above objective, we perform the followings, on behalf of the lenders:

  • Business and financial review;
  • Financial projections review;
  • Developing business turn around plans;
  • Developing debt restructuring plans;
  • Monitoring borrower business and financial performance post restructuring; and
  • Disposing non-performing loan portfolios.

Non-Performing Loan (NPL) Advisory Services

PwC has a global reputation in providing advices to financial institutions in buying and selling NPL portfolios. We have extensive experience in delivering a complete range of NPL related services. 

We provide the following NPL related services to financial institutions:

Sell Side Advisory

  1. Sale Preparation: portfolio review, stratification and valuation, advise on disposal strategy and transaction structure (including accounting/tax/legal implications of the proposed structures), advise on appropriate form of investor review files (data room), and prepare Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM).
  2. Investor Sourcing: identify and contact potential investors for bilateral deals/public tender or specialist investors for specific sub portfolios/tranches.
  3. Sale Execution: design appropriate bid/sale procedure, oversee investor contact (investor invitation, qualification, bid submission), bid evaluation, advise in negotiation with investors, coordinate legal/other advisors, and advise and assist to complete the transaction.

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Buy Side Advisory

Identify potential investment opportunity, portfolio review and valuation, advise on transaction structure (including accounting/tax implications of the proposed structures), negotiation support, coordinate legal/other advisors, and advise and assist to complete the transaction.

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Joshua R Wahyudi


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