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Enterprise System and Transformation Assurance

Manage risks and achieve strategic business objectives on your transformation journey.

The pace of technological change and shifts in consumer behaviour have led to a new wave of competition that many stakeholders find both as a threat and an opportunity.

Boards are responding by making strategic investments in major business transformation, with new citizen and customer focused products and services, expansion into new markets, new technologies and efficiency improvement being key areas of focus.

PwC’s Enterprise System and Transformation Assurance helps leaders to achieve their transformation vision while managing risk effectively and the investment in their transformation journey pays off.

Our Methodology


B u s i n e s s O u t c o m e P r o j e c t O u t c o m e C o n t r o l o u t c o m e Project Management Project Structure Benefits Realisation Plan Business Case Business Processes ITGCs Interfaces Data Quality Organisational Readiness Functional Readiness Technical & Regulatory Readiness Project Governance Implementation Methodology

Programme Readiness

We will provide in-depth assessment ahead of key milestones in your project delivery, which includes functional, regulatory, migration and organisational readiness, as well as go-live decision. This stage brings you the confidence you need to successfully move forward to the next milestone to start your journey.

Programme Assurance

Depending on the issue your business is facing, we will assure you from three different perspectives: business, experience and technology which allow us to accompany your transformation side by side from strategy to execution. The confidence that comes from independent assurance of the key elements of project success over the entire timeline. The assurance process will also provide detailed deliverable review of forward looking and early warning of key issues and risks.

Post-implementation Review

After completing your transformation programme, we will assist you in assessing performance of the programme in achieving the desired business outcomes as defined during project initiation, including deep dive review to analyse critical issues addressing the highest risk to project delivery.

We will also help you to stabilise and reposition your programme if it fails to meet expectations. The aim is to get restarted rapidly and make sure action plans and regular reviews are in place to ensure the long term stability and success of the programme.

Value We Deliver

 data economy orange

Rich insights from our professionals and experts into the state of your transformation journey.

 people audience teamwork mediumgrey

Confidence in advancing your existing processes and your organisational culture to get most of it.

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Equip your mindset to concentrate on the business reason for changes and its outcmes.

Bring the best out of your enterprise system and data management to meet your business objectives.

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