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A Practical Guide to the New and Revised Indonesian Financial Standards for 2016

This publication is a practical guide to the revised Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards (“IFAS”) and new interpretation which comes into effect in 2016. In order to further align IFAS with global standards, the Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards Board (“DSAK-IAI”) has amended several existing standards, containing amendments and annual improvement projects, and is introducing one new Interpretation.

PT Indonesia Tbk dan Entitas Anak/ PT Indonesia Tbk and Subsidiaries

This publication provides an illustrative set of consolidated financial statements, prepared in accordance with Indonesian Financial Accounting Stanards (IFAS) and best practices in the market, for a listed company. The financial report of PT Indonesia Tbk and subsidiaries contains a complete set of financial statements while the consolidated financial statements include the disclosures required by the IFAS applicable in 2016.

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