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Managing effectively in a downturn, turning challenges into opportunities

The world has changed, and changed abruptly. After several years of stable and benign economic conditions -- characterized by strong domestic growth, mild inflation, a favourable interest rate environment and easy liquidity, strong consumer sentiment and the booming housing market -- the current credit crisis in the US has shaken financial markets, undermined consumer and investor confidence, and is threatening economies around the world. The downturns in global Commodity Prices and Markets also have serious consequences to the Indonesian Economy. The Indonesian Government has already taken in a number of actions to increase liquidity in the Indonesian banking sector and to help support the serious fall in the Indonesian Stock Markets.

A key issue facing many of our Indonesian businesses is the global financial crisis. Consumer, business and investor sentiment is dropping. The real economy is now being impacted. Indonesian businesses and their executives therefore face considerable challenges - and managing in a downturn. PwC Indonesia has the people and expertise to help clients with their strategy, finance & funding, operations and people & stakeholder management.

In this issue, the topics covered:

  • Understand the true impact of the downturn on your business
  • Identify unprofitable products and customers
  • Cost reduction
  • Effective working capital management
  • Effective performance management and forecasting
  • An experienced and well resourced finance team
  • Appropriate financing arrangements
  • Strategic M&A activity
  • Careful tax planning
  • Communicate with stakeholders
  • Manage key talent effectively

Thriving in a downturn requires greater diligence and skill than during more favourable economic times. However, the rewards can be greater as businesses that adapt quickly with the right strategies can not only grow, but position themselves strongly for the inevitable upturn that will emerge.

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