During the IPO


We provide the following services for companies that have decided to go public:

  • Where a company has decided to do an overseas primary listing or a dual listing, support in converting financial statements to IFRS, US GAAP or other reporting standards acceptable to the host exchange
  • Review management’s assessment of disclosures required by the standard setters and regulators in relation to the historical financial statements and pro forma financial statements (where necessary)
  • Where applicable, advise the company in preparing carve-out and pro forma financial statements
  • Advise the company in developing the Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) and other parts of the prospectus or offering circular
  • Advise the company on business plan & financial modeling, investment case and business valuation
  • Provide due diligence support, including review of the listing prospectus and offering circular
  • Provide advice on the company’s accounting, internal control and financial reporting procedures
  • Help design and implement organizational structure, process or corporate governance changes
  • Advice on culture and employee management including incentive schemes as well as structure of new ones appropriate for listed entities
  • Legal and tax advisory services
  • Overall project management during the IPO process
  • Provide technical trainings (e.g. IPO bootcamp, which markets list, etc)


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Jasmin Maranan

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