Corporate Treasury Solutions

Enhancing your Treasury function with bespoke solutions to drive value across organisations

Treasury play a critical role in managing Financial Risk and determining business strategy decisions. In today’s rapidly changing environment, Treasury is faced with ever-evolving trends that have brought uncertainty to the organisation, such as globalisation and technological change; foreign exchange (FX) volatility and market complexity; evolving business process and changing regulations. Apart from these key trends, Treasury are expected to meet shareholders’ expectation with robust financial risk management strategy.

Treasurers have to view this as an opportunity and take strategic advantage of these trends and changes to transform treasury function aiming for an enhanced profitability, performance and value.

How we can help

We believe every Treasury is unique so we tailor our solutions to work for you and your organisation to deliver maximum impact. We can help you transform your treasury organisation and build sustainable value in the following areas:

Structure & Organisations

A well-defined treasury strategy is required to guide day-to-day operational business decisions while working across the enterprise. PwC work with you to benchmark current practice and future-proof treasury strategies that support your business requirements by executing treasury transformation, designing Treasury operating  model and enhancing Treasury structure.

Treasury Regulatory

PwC help you manage accounting and regulatory change, achieve compliance and mitigate risk in relation to your treasury risk exposures and transactions by evaluating requirements and assisting in the development of solutions for compliance with revised accounting and reporting and financial market regulations.

Treasury Technology

PwC can help you develop your technology strategy, define functional and control requirements, implement automation and integrate systems across treasury functions to enhance efficiency, control as well as resource utilisation.

Cash & Liquidity Management

PwC assists in evaluating current or new processes to help improve visibility and control and forecast’s quality by developing and implementing a robust and dynamic cash forecasting programme. Moreover, PwC focuses on enhancing your internal process by designing and implementing centralisation of the payments process such as, cash pooling, payment factory and in-house banking

Governance, Process & Control

Transparency and compliance are mandatory to safeguard the interests of all stakeholders. Core treasury often involves a few specialists dealing with high value and complex transactions. PwC can help design and improve your treasury processes by developing critical internal control framework, reviewing policies and procedures to close gaps and providing internal audit support.

Financial Risk Management

PwC help you review, design and implement risk management process and methods, initially from defining organisation’s strategy (risk appetite) to risk identification, measurement, analysis and reporting as well as contributing to overall process improvement. 

Benefit for your organisations

We help you identify the value you want to create and find solutions to capture it. The solutions are tailored to your organisation and its needs, driving benefits including :  

  • Visibility and control of group-wide cash
  • Improved liquidity management 
  • Compliance with accounting standards and financial market regulations
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness in Treasury structure and procedures
  • Lower Treasury operating cost
  • Improved critical controls and appropriate governance surrounding the Treasury function
  • Enhanced risk management through solid risk management policies


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