Why PwC

It’s about making time for what matters most

Our services are rendered through separate legal entities focusing on different aspects of the service offerings we provide, each of which draw on the collective resources and experience of PwC firms, both here and worldwide. We help our clients find business solutions by combining a global mindset with the expert talents of our people.

At PwC Indonesia, we will give you the right tools, guidance and resources so you can reimagine what's possible and build an exciting and inspiring career. You will be sure to get the opportunity of a lifetime!


Positive Working Environment

Health and Wellness

Behind our success, lies the hard work of our people. PwC provides programmes and facilities to support the health and wellness of PwC staff.


Respecting D&I Environment

We respect and value differences. PwC is committed to attracting the best talent from diverse backgrounds, offering them exciting career and development opportunities in a supportive and inclusive environment that helps them achieve their full potential. Because we know that when people from different backgrounds and different points of view work together, they create the greatest value - for our business, our clients and society. 


Collaborative Working Environment

As PwC staff, you will have the chance to collaborate across level, line of services, and global network. Not only in terms of work, get involved too in firm-wide events.


People Engagement Initiatives

In PwC, we build relationships that go far beyond office hours. Team Gathering, Away Day and Annual Outing.

Fair Rewards and Recognition

Our total rewards package is aimed to deliver the value needed to meet staff's needs beyond just base compensation.

Comprehensive medical benefits

The medical benefits cover maternity, dental, optical and other benefits for staff, spouse and dependants. Our cover also includes annual check-up for all staff.

Compensatory time off

We understand that every individual has different needs. In PwC, our staff have the option to convert their overtime into a time off (additional leave on top of entitled annual leave).


Performance bonus

Our performance bonus program comprises of individual and firm performance bonus. It provides an opportunity for all eligible PwC staff to potentially share in the success of the firm—and increase their rewards through their strong individual performance and contributions.

Attractive leave rewards

Not only various paid leave as regulated by the government, PwC also grant extra paid leave (family care, additional grievance leave, additional granted religious holidays, etc.)


Competitive cash benefits

Upon reaching certain level, our staff receive provision for vehicles, gym membership or travel allowances that you can enjoy with your family.

Lifetime Personal Growth Opportunity

We want to be right behind our people all the way, supporting each other to unleash our potential, be the best and make things happen.

Vast training

We are committed to developing top-notch professionals. Development of our people is key ─ we take a holistic approach to learning by combining a variety of innovative learning approaches with on-the-job coaching and career milestone development experiences, to empower you to build successful and rewarding careers.

Dedicated coach and buddy

Everyone is different, and we’ll make sure you have the support, guidance and advice you need. You’ll start having constructive and informative, one-to-one conversations about your development goals early. By assigning a coach, we are able to guide our staff on their career development, where they can continue to grow and develop.A buddy will also be assigned to every new hire at PwC to help them settle in and have a smooth alignment process during their first year with the firm.

Diverse client

At PwC, we respect and value differences. The aim of our diversity and inclusion plan is simple; to create a workplace where every day, all our people feel valued for what they bring, will thrive and will inspire others.

We have many challenging client assignments, from rocket-fuelled start-ups to the world’s leading organisations. Coupled with conducive working environment, and solid team works constantly throughout the year, our people are constantly learning, and their ideas will be welcomed in an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork.

Clear career

PwC is committed to building the professional careers of our people.Appraisal at PwC will determine career development and promotion of our staff. You can expect a clearly structured career path and rapid career progression. The time taken to progress through the different grades will depend on each individual’s pace.

Chance at career enrichment

Who has not dreamed of gaining some work experience abroad, getting to exposure to new environments and discover other cultures and business practices?

With offices in 721 locations and across 158 countries, gain access to the local, regional and international knowledge our clients need. We have developed a vast network of international mobility opportunities.

Structured feedback system

A transparent & future-oriented career outlook with a dedicated career coach. We provide in-the-moment feedback that happens in the course of our daily work.


Clear Career Progression

  • Learn our business
  • Develop your core professional skills
  • Work towards your qualifications

Senior Associate
  • Receive professional qualifications
  • Gain a wide skill set relevant to your field

Manager - Senior Manager
  • Develop your strategic planning skills
  • Develop your business insights       

  • Drive the firm’s relationship with clients
  • Help set the firm’s strategy and inspire teams

  • Key member of the business community
  • Taking strategic decisions concerning the firm

Encouraging Workload Management

We work hard to serve our clients year-round. You will be working closely with clients and peers, gaining knowledge and experience.

Flexible working arrangement

Our clients are diverse, our services are different in their scope and nature, people have different preferences at different stages of their personal and professional life. We are looking for a balance between individual needs of our people and the needs of our business. We offer qualified employees with flexibility options which are conditioned with mutual trust and high commitment.

Resources manager

In PwC, through our Resource Manager system, we ensure the workload is allocated evenly to maintain our productivity.

Enchanted technology and operational model 

In PwC, we embrace high end technology to support our daily task, enhance quality of work and connect to each other seamlessly.

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