Reimagining legal services with PwC NewLaw

NewLaw is PwC Legal Indonesia’s business solutions that propel your corporate legal department to the next level by integrating people, processes and technologies in innovative ways.

Across the globe, legal services are undergoing incredible transformations. Those who unlock performance capabilities using a cost-efficient model and embed their roles as true commercial enablers are leading the way.

Our NewLaw team gives you insights, tools and delivery capabilities to navigate today‘s complexity with confidence. Our services enable your legal teams to support the strategic objectives of your businesses, while delivering technology enabled legal services at scale.

We have matched our core offerings to meet the key challenges facing the Indonesian market and our clients:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Process optimisation
  • Business process re-engineering

  • Legal tech strategy
  • Legal tech implementation
  • Digital transformation

  • Outsourcing strategy
  • Workflow and document automation
  • Document review and contract remediation

Explore how PwC NewLaw transforms legal work

Transforming what matters. If your legal team recognises the need for change but doesn’t know where to start, NewLaw can help to baseline your current state and prioritise your transformation agenda. Starting with a diagnostic evaluation of your legal function across people, external counsel, processes and technology, and benchmarking against industry peers and global best practices, we will co-develop your strategy and transformation roadmap. Leveraging our extensive experience, we can also help you implement these recommendations - including scoping, delivery and change management.

If your business’s compliance and control is achieved through considerable manual effort, we can help you navigate increasingly complex risk and compliance processes and be prepared for the future. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the vast number of legal specific technologies out there. Your team’s IT architecture might lack integration, or might be fragmented or outdated. We can help you invest in the right LegalTech and integrate it into your wider ecosystem, uncovering efficiency where you did not know it could exist.

Navigating the fast-moving LegalTech market can be tough. Are you leveraging your current tech stack to its full potential? Do you opt for multiple point solutions or an integrated platform? And what features are 'must-haves'? Our experts help you identify, assess, procure, configure, integrate and embed the most fit-for-purpose legal technologies to improve your legal team's performance - all within your budget envelope and security requirements.

Focusing your efforts on more strategic work - our experience shows that up to 30% of in-house lawyers’ time is spent on 'non-legal' or lower value work. Partially or wholly outsourcing more standardised and lower-risk activities releases your legal team's time to focus on the work that truly matters. Our managed legal and operations services range from transaction-specific support work to holistic solutions for entire subsets of legal departments. Whether near-shore or offshore, we provide the governance, processes and quality assurance to rapidly embed and operationalise effective outsourcing as a fully scalable turn-key solution.

NewLaw will help develop a modern legal tech ecosystem that can let you do more with the same resources, increase your productivity and speed, spend more time on value-creating activities and, most importantly, better service your company and clients. The first step is often a diagnostic workshop where we can discuss your needs, priorities, challenges and goals.

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