Life Insurance

How we can help

Financial Reporting

  • Statutory reserving and principal based reserves, accounting and disclosure
  • Reserving models, experience study and assumption development
  • Insurance/Investment contracts accounting, embedded derivatives

Modelling, calibration, testing and data management

  • Product profit signature modelling
  • Product development and pricing
  • Asset-Liability Management (ALM)
  • Reinsurance strategy optimization
  • Economic capital modelling
  • Experience analysis including mortality investigation and longevity management

Tailored trainings for actuaries, accountants and management

  • Methodology development and accounting
  • Actuarial function
  • KPI analysis, benchmarking
  • Management reporting, budgeting and planning

Due diligence and M&A support

  • Financial due diligence of appraisal cash flows, assumptions, reserves
  • Evaluation of business in-force under EEV and MCEV

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