Inward Investment and Corporate Services

How we can help you to set up business in Indonesia

Indonesia is considered as a country with complex regulatory environment.  It does not matter in what business you are, in what phase you are or whether you will enter the Indonesian market through new establishment, merger or acquisition, with our extensive knowledge, expertise and experiences, we can assist you to always comply with various regulatory and compliance requirements.

Once you enter the market, we can also help you managing your non-core functions including bookkeeping, payroll and corporate secretarial so that you can always focus on your core business as an important factor to your success.


Inward Investment Services

Corporate Services

Corporate secretarial

Good corporate governance is key aspect for foreign investment in Indonesia. We will assist you to manage governance to various requirements under the Indonesian Company Law.

  • Maintain corporate secretarial matters for your company such as arrangement and administration of Shareholders’ Meeting/Circular Resolution and other corporate governance requirements to comply with Indonesian Company Law;
  • Amendment of Articles of Association;
  • Liaison with Public Notary and Ministry of Law and Humans

Payroll services

Payroll Administration

Our payroll administration services will ensure that you can manage accuracy, security and confidentiality as key aspects of your payroll as well as to get access to our technology and expertise in employment compliance matters

  • Monthly payroll calculation including bonus, allowances overtime, take home pay, employee income tax and employee social security contributions
  • Payment of take home pay to each employee’s bank account including the distribution of salary slips;
  • Social security, insurance and pension contributions and administration;
  • Employee income tax calculation, payment and reporting.


Payroll Related Advisory

We can advise in employment compliance related aspects which includes :

  • Compliance to legislation such as employment contract and social security and pension contributions;
  • Employee Stock Option Plan;
  • Payroll scheme such as composition between salary and allowances, benefit in-kind, etc.


Employee Termination and Resignation

We can assist you with employment termination/resignation process which can include:

  • Calculation and payment of severance package including related income tax;
  • Employment termination agreement;
  • Socialisation and communication to employees.

Accounting services

Monthly Accounting

We will maintain your transactions and bookkeeping and produce financial statements in accordance to the Indonesian Accounting Standards as well as manage your non-tax compliance/reporting requirement. This will ensure you to produce proper and timely records and reports.

  • Cash management services;
  • Transactions records and bookkeeping;
  • Production of financial statement in accordance to the Indonesian Accounting Standard.


Compliance Administration

We can advise and assist in various non-tax compliance requirements which include:

  • Preparation and submission of Offshore Loan Report and Prudential Principle Report to Indonesian Central Bank
  • Preparation and submission of Investment Activity Report to the Investment Board
  • Preparation of Import Realisation Report to the Ministry of Trade.


Inward investment advisory

We will provide you with advisory work which can include:

  • Advice tax and regulatory requirements for establishment of business/entity in Indonesia such as procedures and licensing requirements
  • Advice tax and regulatory requirements for merger, acquisition and business expansions;
  • Advice various compliances/governance requirements for your entity in Indonesia;
  • Compliance assessment/review;
  • Advice employment aspects and compliances such as employment terms and conditions and employment contract.
  • Advice on requirements for liquidating entity in Indonesia.

Business licensing & immigration

We can assist you with various procedures and liaison with government authorities which can include:

  • Assistance with various licenses/approvals/permits for company establishment, business expansion and amendments, merger and acquisition. 
  • Liaising with government agencies/authorities such as Investment Board, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Laws and Human Rights and Financial Services Authority
  • Arranging for proper permit and administration for employment of expatriate.
  • Assist in disposal of assets, settlement of liabilities and other required procedures to liquidate entity in Indonesia.  


Investment facilities

We can assist you to make and submit a proper planning and application for obtaining investment facilities which can include:

  • Assistance in planning and applying for Tax Allowance and Tax Holiday facilities;
  • Assistance in planning and applying for Import duty exemption for capital goods and raw materials.

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