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Financial Modelling Services

Helping you to make right decisions

Financial models are typically built for, and relied upon, to support business decisions. Good financial models provide insightful information, allowing you to explore the financial impact of strategic decisions and support your business plan or investment decision. PwC Indonesia can add value to your project by maximising the impact of your Financial Model (“FM”) as a decision-making tool. Our FM is also supported by a proper assessment from an accounting and tax perspective.

Why you need us

  • Do you have reliable and robust tools to critically appraise the opportunity?
  • Are your modelling forecasts built using the core value drivers of the business?
  • Does your modelling enable analyssi for key operational, commercial and financing sensitivities applicable to key stakeholders?
  • Does your model have good documentation so that someone else could operate if your key modeller was unavailable? 
  • Is your model easy to understand?
  • Is your model quick to update and does it develop with the deal?
  • Have your financing arrangements been fully integrated into your financial model to enable sufficient cash and covenant analysis? 
  • Has your model appropriately incorporated the updated accounting standards and tax regulations to tell the impact on financial statement?

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Julian  Smith

Julian Smith

Advisor, PwC Indonesia

Tel: +62 21 509 92901

Agung  Wiryawan

Agung Wiryawan

Partner, PwC Indonesia

Tel: +62 21 509 92901

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