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At PwC we are passionate about diversity and embracing our differences. We know that when people from different backgrounds and who have different points of view work together, we create the highest value, for our people, our clients and society. This applies at all levels of our organisation, not least with our graduates on Edge - our market leading PwC Deals graduate programme for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

We welcome and encourage applications from a wide range of degree disciplines. We believe that graduates with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) backgrounds in particular bring value to Deals through critical thinking, problem solving, analytic capabilities, curiosity and imagination. Throughout the Deals business, our STEM graduates are excelling and bringing unique views to different projects.

If you are nearing the end of your STEM studies or have recently graduated with a STEM degree, you’re probably thinking - how could everything I have learned now translate to a career in Deals at PwC, how would my career in business be supported and how can I take my qualifications off the page and into the real world?
Well look no further… We have been speaking to several of our Edge participants from across EMEA and they share below their stories about being STEM graduates in Deals and how their unique skill sets are helping them create their mark in our rapidly growing Deals business at PwC.

‘STEM students forging successful careers at PwC Deals are proving that your degree pathway does not and should not define your career choices, but should act as a springboard to launch your career in a number of other areas.’

Helen Sullivan

Helen Sullivan
Edge EMEA programme Director, PwC UK

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Belen Rabadan | PwC Spain
Electromechanical Engineering

‘I’d already learned several programming codes, and this made it easier for me to understand the data tools I work with now. Being able to use a tech-enabled approach, develop compelling arguments and present data in a meaningful, impactful and accessible way is key in Deals.’

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Federica Maglione | PwC Italy

‘I originally chose to do my degree because I enjoy the abstract nature of mathematics and working with numbers. When it came to thinking about my career however, I wanted to be able to apply my technical skills and my love for numbers to something I consider is more useful and relevant to the economic sector and Deals affords me this opportunity.’

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Roland Ogore | PwC Kenya
Aircraft Design Engineering

‘Choosing a career in Deals was quite intimidating at first. I didn’t see how my undergraduate training in abstract reasoning with numbers, building equations and reliance on formulas would fit into my day to day job. Now I can see just how relevant the skills I developed during my degree are, especially now that I have a financial qualification as well.’

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Bridget Kiyondi | PwC Kenya
Forensic Science

‘Being able to employ technological solutions within the Forensic Technology Solutions and Cyber Security practices is right up my street! I can use my logical reasoning, strong analytical skills and love for math to plan and execute my work. Having a STEM background has also allowed me to be versatile with technology in a traditionally finance environment.’

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Abdulkareem Alkuzai | PwC Jordan
Industrial Engineering

‘I can merge my data analytics experience, my engineering background and my financial knowledge into one, which makes me the ‘go to’ guy on so many projects. I am appreciated for my financial knowledge as well as my STEM skills. I can bring something new to the table, such as a more structured thinking methodology or simply a new lens on challenges.’

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Avishi Saxena | PwC UK

‘I have always been fascinated by Physics, but I wanted some exposure to business and to understand how industries such as Life Sciences, Energy, and Health and Pharmaceutical operate. A career in Deals has provided me with an ideal middle ground between science and business.’

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Alberto Arruebo Rello| PwC Spain
Materials Engineering & MBA

‘To all the STEM graduates thinking of a career in Deals my advice to you is be proactive, try to learn as much as possible, be creative, don’t be put off by how difficult a project may appear. You and your team will find a way to succeed.’

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Manuela Busca | PwC Italy
Management Engineering

‘I chose to study a Management Engineering degree as I knew it would enable me to develop strong analytical and quantitative skills. On completion of this, however, I wanted to widen my area of expertise and have a management career path. I attended a PwC Italy career day at University which was very informative and as a result decided to apply for the Edge programme.’

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Mark Tum | PwC Kenya
Electronics Engineering

‘You can still be a robust Deals practitioner even if you don’t initially have a finance or business background, as long as you have an interest in learning some finance and business. You’ll also get on-the-job training and coaching.’

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Simone Monico | PwC Italy
Management Engineering

‘I chose my degree in Management Engineering because I love quantitative subjects. In deciding where to follow my career the PwC Edge programme appealed to me as it has standing, is flexible and it afforded me the opportunity to do rotations and therefore gain experience across the Deals cycle.’

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Mercelynne Okelo | PwC Kenya
Actuarial Science

‘On the Edge programme, you get to experience different areas of the Deals business but there is also space for you to deepen your skills in an area that leverages your STEM background. So you’ll obtain a breadth of professional experience but also more in-depth knowledge across our Deals propositions which allows you to become a subject matter specialist.’

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Simai Yan | PwC UK

‘I found the support PwC provided me, such as workbooks and training, to be extremely useful in completing my professional exams and I passed with no problems.’

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Sabrina Paulus | PwC Germany

‘My previous studies gave me a profound understanding of both the technical and structural aspects as well as the development, planning and construction processes of real estate.’

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Alex Ansuh-Amponsah | PwC UK
Mechanical Engineering

‘In Deals you need to be able to think about processes, apply methodologies and think quickly using quantitative information. Yes, being able to analyse the meaning of charts or finance reports is important, but in terms of summarising, collating and finding trends, STEM naturally sets you up to think that way, so I spot trends faster.’

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How the Edge graduate programme supports our Global Strategy - The New Equation

The New Equation is about helping our clients build trust and deliver sustained outcomes. It takes a big picture approach which creates value for today and tomorrow for organisations, their stakeholders, their customers and broader society. Our Edge graduates have constant exposure to our community of solvers who deliver bold ideas, solutions which are human-led and tech-powered and meaningful experiences which deliver real-life results. We give Edge graduates the opportunity and tools needed to deliver sustained outcomes that make a difference, reinforcing the quality of our work by investing in the latest digital capabilities.

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