Alberto Arruebo Rello | PwC Spain

Materials Engineering & MBA

What advice would you give to STEM graduates thinking of a career in Deals?

Be proactive, try to learn as much as possible, be creative, don’t be put off by how difficult a project may appear. You and your team will find a way to succeed.

The skills that I developed in my degree have given me relevant experience in project management and planning as we had a significant number of team projects and presentations each semester. Keeping up to date on these meant working on team projects/presentations weeks before their delivery deadlines. I managed to successfully lead my teams, allocating and consolidating the work that needed to be done to meet our deadlines.
Now in Deals, I have been able to manage expectations on timescales and plan ahead to be ready for unexpected requests from clients.

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“Be proactive, be creative, be part of PwC Deals!”

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