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Human Resource Transaction Services

Managing HR costs during mergers and acquisitions

Research shows most mergers and acquisitions don't live up to their potential.

Much of the shortfall is due to a lack of attention to human resource issues. The cost of a transaction can increase substantially as a result of the unknown costs of off-balance sheet and un-accrued costs. Costs include future pensions, benefits and compensation liabilities, as well as unaccounted for human resource problems. These issues can mean the difference between a profitable or costly acquisition.

Our team of professionals address people issues at every step of the transaction; from strategy development through due diligence to post-integration.

Transaction Pre-bid

  • We help develop a pre-transaction strategy and offer optimal structuring options
  • We revise plans, policies, demographic and financial information with respect to your employee compensation and benefit programs
  • We work with our deal teams to ensure all HR issues are addressed

Transaction Post-acquisition

  • We help complete a successful transaction and smooth assimilation of employees and transition plans
  • We develop HR strategy, create new rewards and integrate workforce and programs

Spin-off transactions

  • We help develop and implement the strategies to put people and processes in place to manage new HR programs for a spin-off company and its parent
  • We will help you effectively communicate to management and staff

Contact a professional in your area to discuss your unique HR concerns.


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Kim White, CPA, CA

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