Our relationship is a circle

From us, to you, to your students and back again, we all can learn from each other.

Together, the academic community and PwC, play an invaluable role in the future of our profession. Our combined knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm shape the minds of our future professionals. The more we learn from each other, the more knowledge we share, the better prepared future professionals will be and the stronger our relationship will become.

This site is designed to continue to build the relationship and dialogue between PwC and the academic community.

Over the years, we are pleased that a number of faculty have participated in a variety of PwC programs such as the Accounting and Tax Symposium and our national case competitions, Challenge. Over the coming months you will continue to find thought leadership printable case studies, white papers, PwC publications, technical updates, as well as information on PwC faculty programs on this site. Think of it as an extension of our collaboration—an ongoing communication between you and us. Thank you.