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PwC is a Trailblazer because we are truly client obsessed

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  • May 06, 2024

Running one of Salesforce’s largest global implementations helps PwC accelerate and grow strategically, strengthen employee and client experiences synergistically, and continually evolve to lead in new opportunities.

Chapter 1 Investing in Salesforce helps PwC accelerate strategically

Salesforce helps PwC solve problems at speed, and solving problems is our purpose.

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As a client-centric organization, PwC maintains a laser focus on delivering outcomes.

  1. We listen to the market, to our clients, and to our prospective clients.
  2. We mobilize our resources and evolve our competencies accordingly.
  3. We invest to support the needs of our clients, developing relevant thought leadership.

Salesforce enables our success by helping us create analytics and customized dashboards so we can help deliver efficient data when we need it. The real-time, universal team access to analytics and reports can help us to spot trends such as:

  • The topics of conversations our teams are having with our clients
  • The types of needs and opportunities our clients have
  • The solutions and services our clients respond to — and those they likely won’t

In 2020, PwC launched The New Equation, a strategy formulated to help promote better teaming so we can support clients more efficiently. Salesforce helped us activate, measure and enhance this strategy.

“Solving problems is in our DNA.”

Reggie Walker, Partner, Global Salesforce Alliance and Competency Leader, PwC US

Chapter 2 Leveraging one platform with a global 360 view can help create incredible synergy in our firm and with clients

With Salesforce, we’re not just implementing customer relationship management (CRM), we’re implementing a client experience platform.

Because we are running our own large-scale Salesforce platform, our investment in Salesforce helps us advise clients on how they can capitalize on new products, services and acquisitions.

Having a global view and global access to information across services, industries and clients can be a powerful tool. It helps us to grow the firm and provide a valuable client experience.

“PwC is a Trailblazer because we are truly client obsessed.”

Ian Kahn, Principal, Salesforce Practice & Alliance Leader, PwC US

Chapter 3 Running a strong single platform means we aren’t afraid to disrupt and evolve for new opportunities like AI

We use Salesforce to see our clients and the world holistically and globally—so we can see what’s coming and be ready to help lead it. Our purpose isn’t just to achieve commercial outcomes but also to enhance client and employee satisfaction.

PwC US is investing $1B over the next three years to expand and scale our AI capabilities and offerings, while helping clients reimagine their businesses using the power of generative AI. This includes building assets and accelerators to help our clients implement Salesforce to be ready for their own AI transformations.

Our investments include:

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Salesforce helps us help our clients to embed their own AI. Our Salesforce journey has created a treasure trove of data, patterns and insights that helps enable us to inform and implement AI responsibly.

MuleSoft logo

Our investment in MuleSoft helps provide less friction and easy-to-use data that can fuel visionary thinking, enabling us to talk to any system in a unified language and prepare for meaningful AI deployments.

My+ logo

Enhanced by AI, the My+ initiative is one of our biggest and boldest reimaginations of our people's experience — using technology to help personalize careers at PwC, while keeping our clients’ needs at the center.

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By enabling real-time communication across workstreams and surfacing insights from other platforms like Tableau and Salesforce, Slack helps us accelerate client outcomes while keeping humans involved at every step.

“We picked the right platforms. Now it’s just a question of how we continue to innovate.”

Cornel Nolte, Principal, Consulting Operations Leader, PwC US

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