How Salesforce Data Cloud can help deliver more value from your CDP

  • Publication
  • February 29, 2024

Customer data platforms (CDPs) have become an integral part of the marketing technology stack, revolutionizing the collection and utilization of customer data for personalized experiences. However, despite their benefits, CDPs often face challenges in three main areas:

  • B2C marketing models
  • Difficulty with data integration and activation
  • Challenges with usability prevent adoption

Extending the value of your CDP

Salesforce's Data Cloud, an evolution of its CDP product, addresses these issues while providing new benefits that are becoming crucial in today’s marketplace. 

Data Cloud uses a Lakehouse architecture to store data, making it easier to categorize and classify unstructured data.

Benefits of Data Cloud include:

Data Cloud connects your company’s data together in one place, providing a unified customer view. It does this by consolidating customer records from various data streams, reducing duplicate records and achieving a single view of customers.

Security is often a top concern for companies looking to leverage GenAI. Salesforce’s Einstein Trust Layer is designed to elevate the security of GenAI through data and privacy controls that help confirm every transaction is controlled and secure.

Through business relationships with leading cloud providers you can now access your data from your existing data lake and Data Cloud as if it were housed in a single location — with zero-ETL.

How Salesforce Data Cloud can help deliver more value from your CDP

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