US outbound services

Customized cross-border structuring.

US-based multinational corporations (MNCs) face the complexities of different tax jurisdictions as they expand globally. To manage the effective tax rate and remain competitive, companies are regularly examining the tax implications of their business strategy in each jurisdiction where they currently conduct, or plan to conduct, business to ensure alignment of their operational structure with strategic goals.

Customized cross-border structuring

PwC's US Outbound Services group is comprised of experienced tax planning professionals who focus on US investments into foreign markets through Integrated Global Structuring. Drawing on our extensive knowledge, and taking into account each client’s specific business goals and objectives, we are able to customize and execute business-driven structures to meet evolving and changing needs.

We can work with you to develop tax planning strategies focused on business and tax issues, including:

  • Acquisitions and dispositions
  • Financing and debt restructuring
  • Foreign tax credits management
  • Foreign tax attribute management
  • Maintaining US deferral
  • Treasury management

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