Credits and incentives

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Helping you take advantage of tax credit opportunities.

You should be getting more out of your credits and incentives program. It’s more than just the right people with the right skills. It’s more than a process that uncovers credits opportunities while minimizing disruption to your teams. It’s about bringing those key elements together with an industry-changing technology that provides you the information, analysis, tracking, communications, and updates that enable a proactive, value-added C&I program.

We can help you with:

  • Identifying federal and state tax credits and incentives that apply to your industry and your specific business
  • Global incentives that apply to your industry and your specific business
  • Quantifying and qualifying the potential opportunities among the options available to your organization
  • Putting together fully documented files and agreements to assist your company in realizing the value of credits
  • Developing and implement creative negotiating strategies
  • Increasing your eligible tax credits and economic incentives based on a payroll data analysis

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Navigating what US economic incentives and tax reform may mean

PwC's Tom Henry and Darin Siders discusses the pending federal tax reform and what it means for pro-business tax credits and incentives at the state and local level.

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