Halo for Employee Expenses

What if you could extract more value from your existing employee expense systems to reduce costs, improve compliance and drive strategic business decisions?

Halo for Employee Expenses combines a proprietary digital intelligence and analytics platform with PwC’s supporting services to deliver real time insight into employee expenditures.

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The Opportunity - Reduce Expense Spend

Most Travel and Expense (T&E) systems focus on automating expense capture and the remittance process with heavy reliance on up-front controls as their primary means of enforcing policy. While these systems streamline the expense management processes and approvals, they fall short in generating cost saving opportunities and providing visibility into noncompliant behavior, especially compliance over time. In addition, IRS employee expense guidelines are complex and changing and few T&E systems provide capabilities for correctly classifying expenses for tax purposes.

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The Solution - Halo for Employee Expenses

PwC’s Halo for Employee Expenses combines a proprietary digital intelligence and analytics platform with PwC’s supporting services to deliver real time insight into employee expenditures.

Halo analyzes every transaction from existing employee expense systems using the latest advances in machine learning and advanced algorithms to deliver web-based, interactive dashboards and reports with insights into policy compliance, expense patterns, trends and the identification of questionable expenses.

Halo also generates personalized scorecards showing employees how well they’re adhering to policy with an educational component that reinforces good behavior and helps curb future violations.

Our dynamic management reporting and expense analytics system includes all levels of staff, supervisors, and management in the process of monitoring and influencing employee expense patterns. Interactive summaries and assessment of employee compliance and behavior patterns provide complete transparency to emerging issues.

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Key features:

  • One platform
    Consolidates employee expense data from multiple employee expense systems, providing information and actionable insights.
  • Web based interactive dashboards and visualizations configurable for all staff levels
    Allow management to quickly explore key trends, potential risks, and cost saving opportunities.
  • Improved Oversight
    Provides transparency into exceptions and behavioral anomalies each period and over time. Automated notifications and alerts for individuals, supervisors and leadership that help track policy compliance deficiencies for early remediation.
  • Risk Analysis
    Utilizes a statistical risk-based approach for employee expense audits and remediation, resulting in lower exception rates and investigation costs.
  • Custom employee scorecards
    Show employees how well they are adhering to company policy using personalized narratives, with an educational component driving behavioral change and compliance with best practices.
  • Robust Rules Engine
    Contains library of industry specific configurable compliance rules and trend analytics.
  • Embedded machine learning algorithms
    Increase the precision of risk scoring, transaction classification, and anomaly detection.
  • Accuracy of Tax Classification
    Supports the review of T&E transaction classification into appropriate IRS categories. (T&E Tax Ledger) Algorithms highlight potential reclassifications that could warrant increased deductibility. 100% of transactions evaluated.
  • Timely updates for changing tax laws
    Ensure classification engine keeps pace with tax reform and future tax changes. Supported by PwC tax specialists to provide accurate estimation and visibility into the impact of suggested reclassifications.
  • Internal controls
    Supplements existing controls to detect suspicious transactions based on patterns, vendors, user profiles, and sophisticated risk scoring algorithms. Helps eliminate false positives, reducing compliance and investigation costs.
  • Data curation and case management tool
    Leverages customized workflow application to help track information requests, responses, attachments, and audit case interactions.

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