Modern Law Services Diagnostic

Find out how your law department stacks up against its peers and what you should do to modernize your legal capabilities.

Before a legal transformation can begin, it’s important to assess your law department's health. That means understanding where your people, processes and technologies stand and where they have room to grow to add more value to enabling you to begin or continue the journey of modernizing your practice.

We’ve developed a tool that allows you to evaluate your current law department on key areas of operation and discover how you stack up against other law departments.­

The Modern Law Services Diagnostic is designed to evaluate and measure the current state of your department. It also lays out how important different areas are to the future of your business, and how effective you feel your department is in those areas today.

A look into the diagnostic

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and asks a number of questions related to six key categories: organizational influence, business alignment, legal technology, process and productivity, outside provider management and legal talent management.

Questions are focused on issues such as:

  • The influence of the law department within the overall business
  • Whether law department activities are strategically aligned with the business
  • If stakeholders are kept apprised of the law department’s impacts
  • The effectiveness of the department’s current technologies
  • Whether the department enables teams to work on high-value activities
  • The spend on and effectiveness of outside counsel
  • Whether employees are engaged in their work

Your Modern Law Services Diagnostic Report

After answering the questions, the diagnostic identifies focus areas and creates a prioritized list of recommendations to generate impact, summarizing them in an online and PDF report that explains what your department can do to improve.

The report breaks each area of law department performance into subcategories and compares their current effectiveness and importance to your organization. The diagnostic also compares you to your peers across several dimensions, such as external legal costs as a percentage of total legal spend and average revenue per attorney.

The diagnostic’s goal is twofold:

  • To give you a clearer idea of where you need to focus to modernize your legal function
  • To provide you with a roadmap of recommendations that help foster discussion around your legal transformation needs and that align to the broader business strategy and objectives