Sustainability assurance services

Independent sustainability assurance and how it can help build trust in your ESG data

Enhance trust in your sustainability reporting

Many factors are driving the need for complete and accurate sustainability information.

From a regulatory perspective, activity and standards from around the globe — including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), and International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) — are calling for more transparency. There’s also been increasing pressure on companies from investors, boards, and consumers to share reliable information, also referred to as investor-grade reporting. Companies looking to lead in this space will need a strong reputation grounded in trusted and assured reporting.

Independent sustainability assurance is more critical today than ever. Our team is here to help you turn ESG reporting — and verified data — into a business advantage.

How to prepare for investor-grade reporting

The following steps can help you move toward investor-grade reporting.

How can we help with independent sustainability assurance?

Our teams have technical experience, deep industry knowledge, and a passionate commitment to client service. They can help you enhance trust in sustainability reporting — enabling you to:

  • Understand the latest regulatory developments and considerations around obtaining limited or reasonable assurance.
  • Leverage our global presence of more than 2,000 sustainability and climate change professionals in 60 countries, each having deep technical sustainability and audit acumen.
  • Gain perspectives on industry-leading practices and the impact they may have on your reporting.
  • Benefit from a multidisciplinary team with a wide range of expertise and certifications across sustainability, finance, accounting, supply chain, and more — including those who have helped develop leading ESG standards and frameworks, such as those from SASB, TCFD, GHG Protocol and WEF/IBC’s common metrics framework.
  • Streamline your approach and reduce processing time with a tech-enabled strategy across the data lifecycle with our suite of digital tools and methodologies.

Obtaining assurance over your sustainability reports improves stakeholder confidence in its quality — and supports the goal of investor-grade reporting. It can also help show your organization’s commitment to addressing climate change and other related transitions, and how you look to deliver sustained outcomes.

End-to-end consistency in your ESG data

While your company may have a mature sustainability reporting process, it could be the first time you’re considering steps toward obtaining independent assurance. In the end, stakeholders want confidence that you have published complete and accurate data; that confidence is bolstered by engaging qualified auditors to provide assurance over your sustainability information.

We work with clients to begin this next phase of sustainability reporting by providing:

  • A comprehensive review over ESG data quality, as well as internal controls in place to support the sustainability reporting process
  • A gap assessment, including high level recommendations for areas of improvement
  • Assurance over selected ESG data, such as GhG emissions and diversity and inclusion metrics

Why work with PwC when getting independent sustainability assurance?

PwC has been recognized by independent analysts as a global leader for end-to-end sustainability and ESG services.

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