How can you really trust your data? Start with assurance over your data management controls

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Transforming Risk into Confidence podcast series

Companies are increasingly providing their customers more access to data, but how do they know they can trust the data? In this episode, Treesha Govender joins Kevin O'Connell to discuss the importance of providing assurance over data management controls given the increasing demand from regulators and customers.

We discuss the following questions:

0:36 - What are the key drivers for more extensive assurance over data management controls?
2:32 - When should a company think about obtaining assurance over these controls and what framework should they consider using?
4:00 - What are the key areas of data governance that companies should focus on?
5:06 - What are the benefits of doing a risk assessment of your critical data?
5:52 - What are some key takeaways when looking to start this journey?

About our moderator

Kevin O'Connell serves as PwC’s Trust and Transparency Solutions and ESG Solutions leader. A leading specialist in SOC 1, 2 and 3, and other third party assurance and internal controls reporting, he has over 25 years of experience providing services to our largest financial services clients designed to identify, assess, and manage complex risk and control issues across the enterprise – whether they are strategic, financial, systems, or operational in nature. As PwC's ESG Solutions leader, Kevin leads a team of professionals focused on helping organizations implement strategies to improve their ESG reporting and communicate progress to investors and other stakeholders.

About our guest

Treesha Govender is a Director in PwC's Risk and Regulatory practice, with over 10 years financial services experience across a range of US and multinational banking, insurance and asset management clients. She helps clients transform their audit, risk and compliance testing using data-driven auditing and analytics, robotics and visualisation tools. Treesha’s experience in the financial services sector, combined with her knowledge of audit methodology, operational risk and controls, and technology allows her to help clients understand and shape their testing strategies to achieve better quality of testing results, greater coverage of transactions or controls and increased efficiency. Treesha also leads reviews of data platforms that assess controls over data governance, quality and lineage.

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Kevin O’Connell

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