PwC’s Deals Exchange

April 30 - May 1, 2019 | Brooklyn, NY

PwC's partnership with the Tribeca Film Festival®

Mastering Scale in a Volatile World

April 30 - May 1, 2019 | 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, NY

Join us for an exclusive program in conjunction with PwC’s partnership with the Tribeca Film Festival®, as we explore the concept of scale and what it means to scale successfully in a volatile, fragmented world.

We have aligned PwC's sponsorship of the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival® with PwC's Deals Exchange because they both celebrate diverse storytelling and new perspectives - empowering individuals to be catalysts for change. This combination provides a unique, thought-provoking experience and opportunity to network with people you might not otherwise meet, including peers, thought leaders, academics, researchers, and those involved in the production of the film that we will view at our exclusive private Festival screening.


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Video from last year's Deals Exchange event. Explore the key takeaways from our speakers.

Business growth continues to be the key goal of many CEOs and a strategic imperative in global dealmaking; witness the wave of megadeals in 2018, with transactions of more than $5 billion across several industries – consumer, energy, media, pharma, tech, telecom and more. However, scaling profitably has become a bigger challenge. The economies of scale reaped as a product of a “one size fits all” approach don’t apply as well when the world is more politically divided, regulations diverge and innovative technologies, such as AI, enable more nimble business models that can upend traditional “scaled” business.

At this Exchange, we will bring together thought leaders from different industries and areas of expertise to help you figure out which path to growth is right for your company. We will discuss the topics central to your strategy as you plot a course forward.

  • Workforce and cultural hurdles: The way organizations scale and upgrade a workforce will continue to evolve as automation takes a bigger chunk of increasingly skilled work. Do you have the right workforce for the future?
  • Emerging Technologies: What can be applied to my business today — not tomorrow. And where do I get started?
  • Technological disruption: Which technologies will scale naturally, and which won’t? Are there technology winners and losers?
  • Regulatory and risk concerns: How do you keep up with ever growing issues that threaten value, specifically new data privacy laws, regulation, and cybersecurity risk?
  • The state of capital: Where is record amount of capital available for investment today flowing from, and will there be sufficient funding to scale in the short and long term?
  • Keeping sight of the social good: Megadeals are on the rise – and so is consumer activism. How can business leaders use their market power to create a better world?


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