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Managing Data during a Business and Technology Transformation

Transforming Risk into Confidence podcast series

In this episode, Dan Sorensen, Eric Caliendo and Miriam Shou join Bob Clark to talk about the critical role of data management in business and technology transformation, and in particular, the importance of implementing a comprehensive data transformation strategy and how to overcome data quality challenges across the enterprise. 

We discuss the following questions: 

0:57 - What's driving the demand for business and technology transformation today? 
2:47 - Why is having a data strategy really important in terms of driving a transformation and why is that crucial to companies as they go through these? 
4:01 - What differences are we seeing at clients and in data quality exercises through a transformation lifecycle versus the expectation as part of normal business? 
6:32 - What are some of the changes in the approach as people start to prepare for transformation with data? 
11:15 - What is the most common mistake to advise against in terms of data and the impact it would have on a transformation?

Based in Philadelphia, Bob Clark is a Principal in PwC's Risk and Regulatory practice and leads the development of tools, methodologies, marketing and training for governance, risk and compliance solutions across large business applications. Platforms include SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Salesforce, Workday and other business enabling applications. Bob leads our efforts in developing and implementing risk and control-based analytics and solutions, to help clients proactively manage business and technology risks and compliance.

About our guests

Dan Sorensen is a Partner in PwC's Risk and Regulatory practice. He has over 17 years of experience providing advanced data analytic solutions to drive actionable intelligence for companies, with an emphasis on the technology sector. His experience includes managing all phases of the development life cycle, from gaining an understanding of business objectives to executing sustainable solutions that enhance business decisions.

Eric Caliendo is a Partner in PwC's Risk and Regulatory practice. In this role, Eric helps clients to reduce the risk associated with large system implementations and migrations through the use of tech-enabled solutions such as data profiling, data quality, data governance and migration assessments. Beyond data transformation, Eric has spent the past 17 years helping clients with advanced analytics and automation solutions to address organizational risks, operational inefficiencies, performance improvements and audit or regulatory objectives. He specializes in the development of customized solutions for clients to accelerate their analytics maturity while providing a blueprint for continued success.

Miriam Shou is a Director in PwC's Risk and Regulatory practice specializing in providing insights into data transformation and migration challenges that clients face today. She focuses on helping her clients navigate data transformations through developing strategic long-term data analytics vision, implementing procedures through automation that improve productivity and reduce cost, constructing metric definition and reporting and addressing compliance with the handling of high-risk and sensitive data. She provides clients a path to repeatable solutions, self-service BI and standardized data methodologies that can be leveraged across platforms.

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