Third Party Risk Management (TPRM)

Creating fit-for-purpose TPRM programs that protect our clients' operations, brand and reputation

Our team applies innovative approaches and technologies that help our clients effectively manage their risk exposure so they can properly identify, mitigate and monitor the third-party risks most impactful to their operations. We help our clients design, build and manage fit-for-purpose third-party risk programs that protect their operations, brand and reputation at an optimal cost to operations.

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Third Party Tracker

Our third-party risk management platform helps you screen potential partners, conduct due diligence, and monitor your relationships throughout their lifecycle to give you a complete view of evolving risks before they become problems.

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Third party tracker

How we help our clients

TPRM Program Assessment:

Compare your program maturity against industry peers, regulatory expectations and leading practices to enhance your TPRM program commensurate with the risks posed by your network of third parties

Program Design & Build:

Design and build a fit-for-purpose TPRM program that protects your organization's operations, brand and market reputation

TPRM Assessment Support:

Conduct high-volume third-party risk assessments targeted to specific risk areas. Define and assess the proper third-party controls through observations, review of requested evidence as well as remote and on-site verification testing

Technology Selection, Implementation & Optimization:

Select the most appropriate TPRM technology solutions to meet your third-party risk management needs. Review and optimize existing TPRM applications to improve technology coverage and drive a consistent, efficient and integrated TPRM program

TPRM Managed Services:

Receive end-to-end TPRM technology and process support that meets the needs of your operations, risk profile and regulatory expectations

Customer Risk Response:

Organize, structure, and build a formal, technology-enabled program to streamline the management of customer audit and risk assessment requests, based on a library of standardized, approved responses

Why PwC?

  • Supported by a dedicated risk management and compliance practice, with more than 15,000 professionals in the US and over 40,700 globally
  • Apply the latest industry practices, technology innovations, and regulatory feedback impacting our clients TPRM programs
  • Support through an end-to-end suite of TPRM design, implementation, technology enablement and managed services solutions with the same dedicated team
  • Proven accelerators built around the TPRM lifecycle and based on years of experience, providing a blueprint for success at each stage of the journey

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