Hone your Digital Commerce Vision with PwC’s Agile Commerce

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By: Munish Gupta, Principal, PwC and Niket Gupta, Senior Manager, PwC

Recent events haven’t just impacted society, they’ve also rearranged the digital landscape, forcing nearly every enterprise to rethink everything about the way they do business. The pandemic has caused customer shopping patterns to change fundamentally, and it’s had a deep impact on how businesses manage commerce, engage with those customers, and service their needs.

Across both the B2B and B2C landscape, more customers are turning to digital tools and seeking self-service capabilities, making a retail omnichannel solution more critical than ever. For example, a recent PwC survey found that 49% of consumers are avoiding leaving their homes and 50% are trying new brands/products. As such, accelerating new digital capabilities across scalable cloud-based platforms is becoming increasingly crucial to help sustain and continually grow the business. As your enterprise continues down this evolving road of digital transformation, PwC’s Agile Commerce for SAP Commerce Cloud can help you along the way.

PwCs Agile Commerce

Looking ahead, it’s clear that a solid digital commerce solution must deliver a personalized customer experience. PwC’s Agile Commerce, built on SAP Commerce Cloud, is designed to help you build and operate a digital business that can provide that experience. It’s a one-stop shop for all your customers’ needs, including order management, delivery tracking, and account management via an intuitive self-service customer portal.

PwC’s Agile Commerce doesn’t just help revamp your existing e-commerce solution. It’s also designed to help accelerate your digital commerce program through tools and templates that let you create new customer experiences. Agile Commerce is pre-configured and ready to go with a library of playbooks, user stories, process flows, customer journeys, and personas which all serve as starting points upon which you can build. In just eight weeks, PwC can give you a foundation to help you drive revenue and personalize your customer interactions – all the way from order placement through return requests. As well, our solution is fully integrated with the S/4HANA suite, giving you extensive insight into customer behaviors through advanced reports and analytics.

Don’t let economic uncertainty stall your digital commerce transformation efforts. Contact PwC today to engage in a complementary discovery session so together we can explore how your enterprise can tap into additional value.

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Munish Gupta

Principal, SAP CX Competency, PwC US

Niket Gupta

Senior Manager, SAP MSS (Marketing, Sales & Service) Competency, PwC US