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Secure sign-on for a seamless access experience

Bring agility to your Identity Access Management (IAM) program with the recognized leaders in the industry.

Your business doesn’t stop while you migrate to the cloud. PwC and Okta empower you to tailor your migration journey, reducing the impact on your operations and your users

  • Okta is pure cloud, which means no on-premise installation, no new infrastructure, and a smaller and more nimble support team.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) lets you realize Okta’s benefits instantly. A shorter time to market means more value for your transformation.
  • Stop asking your employees to sign in to multiple fragmented solutions - increase productivity with single sign-on across your entire enterprise.
  • Access the experience and strength of the leading identity vendor in the cloud space.

Modernize and consolidate your entire access management infrastructure

Okta’s powerful integration capabilities let you weave your identity fabric into your overall workforce, customer and business partner experience. There’s no one size fits all: we’ll tailor a unique migration playbook to your requirements.

Cloud access management solutions are maturing dramatically, and some organizations are in danger of falling behind. With Okta, you have an opportunity to transform your access management for better administration, an easier user experience, and significant cost savings. We have implemented some of the largest, most complex access management solutions, and know how to realize accelerated time to market and lower total cost of ownership. I look forward to creating value for you.

Mickey Roach, PwC’s Okta Alliance Leader

The value of PwC+Okta

Strong partnership

We combine the PwC Global Delivery Model with deep Okta expertise to provide cost-effective and round-the-clock coverage for any project.

We’re ready to support the most complex IAM use cases, thanks to our commitment to developing joint solutions and our powerful product roadmaps.

Our dedicated Okta practice, with more than 25 Okta certified professionals, exclusively works on Okta implementation projects, and has developed proprietary and reusable Okta implementation accelerators.

Coexistence with your on-premises solution

Enjoy a frictionless user experience with Okta’s Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution and PwC’s out-of-the-box Okta integrations.

Choose the apps that best suit your needs, and securely integrate any number of solutions.

Seamless integration means reduced IT costs, a secure single sign-on experience for customers, and an accelerated transition to a cloud-first, mobile-first organization.

PwC’s proprietary migration playbook

We use our experience in a huge variety of Okta implementations to help you prioritize both your application timeline and your capabilities migration.

No transformation is one-size-fits-all. We tailor your playbook to your unique requirements, including:

  • Application evaluation and migration path
  • User data migration and synchronization
  • Self service and password management
  • Utilities to expedite application migration

The cross-industry power of PwC+Okta solutions in action

Traditionally, companies have combined multiple solutions to support features such as single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and API access management. Migrating to Okta’s cloud access management solution gives you one solution for complete access management. That means a better user experience, an easier administrative environment, and substantial cost savings.

Improve your employee experience

  • Single sign-on
    Secure SSO for all your web apps, on-premises and cloud, with flexible policy, from any device, whether SAML,Wsfed, or OIDC
  • API Access Management
    OAuth 2.0 API authorization, flexible identity-driven policy engine, easy and centralized administration across APIs
  • Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication
    Contextual access policies, modern factors, adaptive authentication, integrations for apps and VPNs; passwordless authentication
  • Mobility Management
    Tight user identity integration, device based contextual access, lightweight management


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Collaborate with your partners and customers

  • Universal Directory
    Extensible profiles, attribute transformations, directory integration and password management; Okta can function as LDAP
  • Lifecycle Management
    Lifecycle management, cloud & on-premises app integration, mastering from apps, directory provisioning, rules, workflow, reporting; SCIM
    Developer Tools
    Comprehensive APIs and developer tools to enable digital identity initiatives
  • API Access Management
    OAuth 2.0 API authorization, flexible identity-driven policy engine, easy and centralized administration across APIs

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Powerful integration with your existing solutions

  • Advanced Salesforce and Workday integration capabilities streamline your workflow and deliver serious ROI
  • Powerful APIs enable you to bring together disparate systems to move, use, and understand data
  • Robust, fast, exceptionally flexible platform that connects enterprise wide solutions
  • The ability to transform your business by linking the best-in-class cloud identity solution with the best-in-cloud CRM and the best-in-class cloud ERP.


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