Healthcare Intelligent Automation platform

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PwC is changing the way healthcare information is processed

In the healthcare industry there are 30 billion transactions each year and half of them are still faxes, an estimated $250 billion cost.* There’s an even greater cost to such manual effort: The inability to help patients get better in the most efficient and humane way possible.

PwC is changing all that. We’ve developed a platform to help simplify how information is processed and consumed in the healthcare industry. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), our platform allows us to change the way information is processed. Moving it from a heavily manual and labor-intensive process to one that’s powered by intelligent automation, uses machine learning and lives on the cloud.

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Consider the benefits of this platform

  • A 70% reduction in the time spent manually processing information.**
    All with one goal in mind... helping humans focus on what they do best - think.
  • This platform has saved our clients millions of dollars in just one year.
  • This platform is being implemented in over 20 countries and in multiple languages.

**This is a not a guaranteed result. Results may vary for each client/institution.

Uses for the platform

Call center event detection

The platform can automatically triage a large volume calls by converting speech to text and alerting the companies about customers/patients who may not be taking the medications correctly or who have a reaction to the medication. The entire process is automated and uses machine learning algorithms to make the right determination.

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Predictive protocol authoring

Our platform reimagines the way clinical trials are designed and authored. By taking the best insights from previous protocols and providing them to the trial designers, they can do their best work. We’ve streamlined the process: With an intuitive interface, collaborative designing and authoring, access to relevant historical insights and drag-and-drop tools we’ve given users “superpowers” thanks to intelligent automation.

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Appeals and grievances

Our platform’s machine learning capabilities can help customers and insurance companies resolve the appeals process faster by surfacing facts about what is covered across the mountains of documentation. This reduces the time and cost to resolution and makes for a much happier customer experience.

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Our platform speeds up the process of collecting, ingesting, logging and processing adverse events at pharmaceutical companies. It also categorizes data, drugs and side effects encountered with levels of importance and alerts doctors and case processors when a case is severe. If a case is not severe, it automatically gets processed, saving the case processors a lot of time.

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Clinical data flow

Our platform has reimagined how data standards are managed and how clinical data flows are used for conducting clinical trials. We have automated data transformation and creation of target schemas using a combination of intelligent rules, ML models and ETL scripts. This can significantly reduce the time and cost required for a study startup and streamlines data processing.

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Matthew Rich

Principal, PwC US

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Sidd Bhattacharya

Director, PwC US